Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw


2/6/1940, Webster, South Dakota, USA

Birth Name

Thomas John Brokaw


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Tom Brokaw, born Thomas John Brokaw on February 6, 1940 in Webster, South Dakota, is an American television journalist and media personality. After graduating from the University of South Dakota in 1964, Brokaw worked at small television stations around the country before getting a job with NBC News…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • One of the best anchors as news story could ever have...

    Tom Brokaw is and will always be one the best news anchors there has ever been. Tom's voice was perfectly fit for telling the news and it's sorely missed each night on the air.

    It was so easy to see just how much Tom cared about the stories he did and that's apparent with his book, The Greatest Generation. Tom was possibly at his best during the horrific 9/11 tragedy when he came on the air each night for a week, just because he knew he couldn't stay at home. His face was a comfort to me and I am sure many others, during this unbelieveable part of history that befelt our nation.

    Tom's broadcasting style is one that many others have tried and will continue to try to emulate, but sadly they will probably never equal this man's greatness. Tom's many awards over the years prove why he was one of the best news anchors around. Luckily, he still does periodic TV specials so we get to enjoy his broadcasting in some ways. However, his prescence is sorely missed on The NBC Nightly News each night.moreless