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  • He was awesome.

    Big Tom was always my favorite in Survivor Africa. I wanted him to win so bad!! I was real upset when he didn't win it. But then I was estatic when they brought him back for Survivor All Stars. And again I wanted him to win really really bad. But he didn't, sadly. I guess I liked him so much because he was just an average Joe. He was just an old country boy trying to win a million dollars. He was one of us commom people. I thought he was really funny too. Especially in Survivor All Stars when he started singing, "Ding dong the witch is gone." I started laughing so hard. Big Tom is still my favorite survivor!
  • Didn't like in Africa but grew on me in All-Stars!

    I will admit that I didn't like Tom at first
    As I thought he seemed dumb as heck but then
    He got to where he had grown on me and that he
    Really was funny in All Stars. I didn't blame him
    One bit at all when he got mad at Boston Rob
    To be honest with you, he could had eaten that jerk of a Rob for a fillet mignon! LOL!