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    Tom Cruise. He does great jobs in movies, but I never like the role he plays in movies. He just doesn't sell himself in the movie. Tom Cruise also an annoying person out in the real world that causes problems, but that doesn't affect his acting skills. He has potential, but I don't buy into his roles. He needs to be more convincing or play better roles.
  • The guy is nuts!!

    OMG! Tom Cruise, stay away!!!! I think that this guy has some serious , I mean serious mental problems..he`s totally nuts. I hate him ever since he got a South Park episode off the air by using the producers of Mission Impossible 3, how low could this cry baby go, touching my all time favorite cartoon because of his obsessions. I`m never watching a film from such that deranged guy again. His interviews about his beliefs are funny because of its level of stupidity but also scary because he actually mean what he says.
    I fear for Katie Holmes, such a lovely and gorgeous woman, stuck with that away!
  • Will someone please shut him up?

    Since when does he have any intellectual standing and yet we have to listen to him prattle on about medical matters he knows nothing about? His talent was never that impressive. His acting has the depth of a mud puddle. His pretty-boy looks are fading. And now he thinks because he can read words on a page, he's qualified to give medical opinions? Tom, you should keep your mouth shut on things you know nothing about. You're nothing about a programmed hack being used by a questionnable church. We've had enough. Have some class. Do your job and leave medical advice to those who are qualified.
  • A jerk, moron, cult following, hyperactive, jagbag, yet seemingly good looking, worth load of crap.

    Thanks Tom, your only good movie is Vanilla Sky. The only reason I watched War of the Worlds is cause I hoped you would die through the whole thing. You are with a beautiful woman, congrats, still doesn't make us stop questioning your sexuality.

    I hope Kate gets depressed after your baby is born and goes insane cause you wont let her take antidepressants. Better yet I hope it isn't even your baby, you fool, you tool.
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    Putting all the religion stuff aside, when you get right down to it, Tom Cruise has to be one of the best action stars of our modern time. I mean, take a look at his list of credits--"Mission:Impossible," "Top Gun," "Minority Report," and "War of the Worlds." In every one of these roles, he did a great job with the stunts.
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    Pretty average when he wishes to. I don't think that he is that good of an actor, and thouggh he has appeared in some movies and he is good at doing them, it sometimes seems like he is more of a ladies man rather than a good actor, though I must admit that some of his movies are cool.
  • Have you ever seen the cartoon "Looney Toons". Tom lives it every day and he's coocoo for cocoa puffs.

    As the Rock would say, "Do you smell it." The smell of his acting. He is way overpaid, over-rated, and to top it off, he needs to be locked up so Katie can get away from him. The wedding seems to be forced by the nuts at the Scientology Center. They met one day and the next they are engaged. I hope they shut that CULT down. If the republicans in office want to do something right for a change, they will. And Tom, in the words of the Murderdolls, "do the whole world a favor, and get your throat to the nearest razor." The only thing worse that his lifestyle is his horrible acting.
  • I find it humorous after a year of showing who he really is, he is doing a quick turn-around after loosing his studio contract... I think we'll still see the arrogant Cruise, I doubt he will resist letting the world know why he's right and they're wrong.

    I find it humorous that after a year of showing the world who he, Tom Cruise, really is--from the jumping, to the bashing of Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer, and to demanding that his pregnant girlfriend remain silent during birth he appears to be doing a quick turn-around after loosing his studio contract.

    I suspect that his deal with a new studio was contingent upon his making certain amends, the primary one of which, of course, to be Brooke Shields. Within a relatively short period after making the deal, we hear from Brooke that he has already done that, and done so profoundly and personally.

    I think we'll still see the arrogant Cruise from time to time, I doubt he will be able to resist letting the rest of the world know why he's right and everyone else is wrong.

    I wanted to see MI3, but refused soley based on his presence in it. No matter what he does now, it no longer matters to me, I am not interested.
  • Next please...

    Tom Cruise is an alright actor but nothing special. I am sure that he thinks and alot of others think that he is one of those tough guys who always saves the day and gets the girl right at the end. He is...but hollywood style. He is pretty overated and alot of his movies he fits the description which I just wrote but I think that he is such a try hard.
  • What a schmuck. Has an ego that wouldn't fit in the state of Texas. But can you blame him, with everyone panting over him like that?

    I liked him in Legend. When his ego was little, he was cute. I'm sorry to say, I didn't think he was cute in Top Gun. I didn't like him in Mission Impossible part 1. I didn't like him in part 2. I didn't like him in Cocktail or Rain Man or Born on the Fourth of July or Days of Thunder. I was irritated that they put him in Interview with a Vampire - he wasn't how I pictured Lestat. That's when his starhood started getting in the way of the story being told. Then I liked him in Magnolia - he played a mysoginistic jerk - and in Minority Report. But then he had to star in War of the Worlds, and he screwed that up with the scene where Tom Saves the Day. It was, otherwise, a good movie. I'm just sick of hearing about him - so why am I writing about him? Because he's a large part of popular culture these days. Oh, and the scientology! Good lord. What a joke. (Ok, so if I get a death threat from them for criticizing them I'm *so* gonna blog it.) If he faded into obscurity from here on(fat chance) I'd be delighted.
  • Untalented, not to mention crazy

    Tom Cruise is a very overrated actor and I honestly can't understand why people can find the star entertaining, his only two expressions both being dull, and his acting talent clearly not judged by experts.

    I dont watch any of his movies becuse the actorr just bugs the hell out of me but until recently I wasn't going to write a negative review about him. While Cruise in Scientology isn't that big a deal (though it is a cult - fit for a crazy couch-jumping freak like Cruise), the fact that he banned the South Park episode "Trapped in the Closet" is just taking it too far (he clearly doesn't have a sense of humour).

    Overall, Tom Cruise is way too overrated and why people think he has acting skills is beyond me.
  • Send this loser back to the binch !

    Im sorry but Tom Cruise is just a stuck up self centered person I dont like him and I feel sorry for you if you like this talentless jerk . Because he has no talent and hes not hawt . I mean open your eyes people hes not HollyWood matiral ! And deep deep down inside everyone in the whole wide world knows that so just adment it and get on with your life
  • Get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh my god!!! this guy drives me CRAZY!!!! I am so sick of him and Katie Holmes and their constant loving about!!! I mean it was cute at first but now it's just irritating!!! I mean COME ON he was jumping on top of a sofa on Oprah, isn't that just a LITTLE over the top?? I think so!!!!! Can't say that I enjoy any of his movies either!! I'm just so sick of hearing about him all the time, when will it stop?! I don't know about every one else but I think Tom Cruise is a total show off!!!
  • Don't knock Tom Cruise because of his newfound happiness, and don't make fun of him because he's all over the tabloids - he will be one of the greatest actors of our time.

    Tom Cruise is amazing. He's endured endless ridicule for his romance with Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes, and for his Brooke Sheilds tauntings, and for his Oprah guest spot. I was actually reading Entertainment Weekly's cover story this week. It was a Q&A with Cruise, and it had such a mocking tone - I hated it, and I hated that everyone was making fun of Cruise for finding love.

    They were overseeing that he's a brilliant actor. In his dramatic role in Collateral, or his up-and-coming War of the Worlds, Tom Cruise owns the screen, and all of those millions that he's made are all well-deserved. He's a huge box office draw, because he's relatable and fun - I want to be Tom Cruise.

    So, my point? Tom Cruise is a cool dude. I'll be checking out his new movie (not for him, for the plot, haha) and I'll be urging others to as well. The trailer's friggen awesome.
  • Is it just me or is everyone else tired of hearing about Mr. Cruise?

    Alright I have to rage here. I am so tired of seeing Tom Cruise every time I turn the TV on. So he's gettin hitched to Katie Homles WOW.Who cares!!! People just have no lives obvioulsy. I mean the man hasn't had a good movie since Top Gun. Maybe Collateral but thats streching it a bit. I love his older movies, Top Gun, Cocktail, Risky Buisness. But people lets move on with our lives and get over your fasination with a guy who can't act any more!!
  • Down-hill fast!!!!

    Tom Cruise was a great actor movies like Mission Impossible saga and all that are ok, War ofr the Worlds not that good but with the years the mariage with Katie Holmes affect this guy i mean about cienthology and all that this guy is goingf crazy stop smokin crack pal seriously its makin you very mad This guy was a great actor look Top Gun!!! But right now its like his carrier went down-hill this guy is really makin himself crazy he has to get to a Hospital and get a chek-up in the head its really mad the poor guy :(:(
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    Sorry... He Was Good But Now He Had Go!!!
  • He is an OK actor i suppose but he is as nutty as an O Henery Bar...

    He may be one of the most successful actors, however he is bat #$^%. Seems the only reason he gets great roles is because his name brings in the sheep. It seems he is trying to create the same affect with his constant yapping about sciencetology. It seems all you hear from him is insane rantings about his church, if you can call it that. I mean really do we need another religion of wacked out fanatics...
    I dont really care what his choice in religion is but when he is constantly rambling about it like a mad man every time you see him its just sad...
  • two words for you jack ass

    for starters what can i say about tom Cruise hey is is whiny ass baby who can't take a joke when someone parodies him on a show like like south park or Family Guy.i mean that episode of South park he just cries like a baby they made fun of him. Russel Crow didn't sue when they made fun him he laughed at that episode.Tom Cruse is just one of those Hollywood morons who cant fight his own battles so Sues.his movies suck Mission Impossilble 3 war of the world were both stupid hey tom do you think you can ever play person that Stable keep his mind intact.
  • Dont like him very much.

    I don not really think he is a good actor. He gets on my nerves and I hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him.
  • I love TC

    TC is simply amazing. Someone whose movies I can watch and simply have a grrreat time. The Last Samurai and Rainman were his best for me. And just when I thought he could only do action, he came up with Mackey in Magnolia - the only reason I loved the movie was TC!!! And of course, he could pull off in Tropic Thunder too. And now Rock of Ages!!! You rock TC. Is there something you can't do? You can fly a plane, shoot a pistol, dance around in your underwear, run down the Burj, hang from a cliff and now - YOU CAN SING too. Love you for the song I wanna know what Love is... How I wish you weren't taken already, I mean by Katie!
  • People just listen to what everyone says, and dont have their own opinion.

    Its absolutly hilarious how people talk crap about Tom C. Oh he\'s so arrogant and weird,and all this other untrue B.S. But guess what!!? Who put him in this stupid position?, huh? The media, that will do anything for a little attention and a pretty penny. And people that dont have their own opinion, and just follow the trend. The problem I think is Tom\'s just a positive dude in general, and a lot of society is sour to begin with, so they just think he\'s an alien because he\'s happy. The truth is some of us just forgot whats like to be happy for more than just one day, or when we recieve a gift! Tom Cruise has been making great movies and he will continue to do so, you\'ll see cause he\'s an artist inside. Bottom line is we got so wound-up in this fake crap about him that we forgot how talented this guy really is. And if he\'s a little weird so what. Who isin\'t. Another thing I have to add is the ridiculous talk about his kid, Suri. How she was adopted, and where is the child. Maybe they just wanted a little thing called privacy. They had a kid for crying out loud! Seriously leave the man, and his family alone alone. Do you go to the theatre to see him, and wonder about his personal life, or to see him on the big screen to be entertained?
  • He's so talented and gorgeous!

    Tom Cruise was married with Nicole Kidman and they split up, this was a mistake but OK I'm not here to judge him.
    Let's start talking about his work, he's a great actor all of his movies are great and he works extremilly hard. The last movie that he did was War of the World and I don't think that was a great movie, in the beginning was cool but the end was too boring. Other great movie that he did was Mission Impossible that oh yes was an amazing movie, the one and the two were very good I loved both and now is going to have a third and I can't wait the time to see it, I saw the trailler and I think that will be great too.
    Talking now about his personal life again, is that his with Katie Homes and she's pregnant and he's so much happy with the baby and with he too.
    So, Tom Cruise has talent, and I love see his talent on a movie!
  • To bad he is in magazines more then movies.

    Not the best actor. Good in action films.
  • I think Tom Cruise deserves his own personal show don't you?? Imagine all the crazy, messed up and utterly stupid things he would say! Now that is what I call entertainment!

    Mr. Cruise has come under a lot of fire during the past few years and I wonder how an otherwise popular celebrity in Hollywood like him could reach such an all time low. He’s been strange for years (in my opinion) but I think his performances during the early 1990s blind sighted most people until now. (Read up on his – couch hopping behavior!)

    Everybody at some point had a Tom Cruise poster…mostly during the previous decade – (Hmm Wonder what happened to mine???) It’s been that long and people have gravitated to other more interesting and not so maniacal celebrities. For what its worth, he’s happy…anyone jumping on furniture should be – hmm maybe that’s why he doesn’t believe in depression. That might just be the ticket – next time I feel sad I’ll do that!

    I think he deserves his own show – call it “Cruise Crazy!” and the tag line should be – “Politically incorrect but so flipping Happy!”
  • Completely crazy and overused

    Tom Cruise is an all right actor. He was great in Top Gun and Cocktail and I even liked him in Risky Business. He was also great in Jerry McGuire but between that and the others I mentioned, I haven't liked him in anything else.

    Tom Cruise is crazy, in my opinion. I'm convinced he's bipolar, mostly after his couch jumping on Oprah. He advocates not using drugs to solve your problems, which is okay, everyone can have their stance on things, but eating right won't cure cancer or M.S. If anyone needs drugs its him, and he's one person that won't take them.

    I do like his work ethic and how he says he'd do any movie without a written contract and how he'd even do it for free. That's something you rarely actors and actresses who just want more and more for the films they do just because they're on the "A-List" But that's not enough for me to really like him. It's been awhile since he's been in anything I've truly enjoyed. Maybe once that happens, I'll like him again but until then, he's just another bi-polar, mediocre actor.
  • Heh heh. Get the joke? So what if he plays one note, he plays it well.

    Very promising but never really fills the shoes he\'s stomping around in. I can\'t pretend to know what he is like so I don\'t get the people who say \"good guy\" but I know one thing he sure can play those angry tantrum scenes. So what if he plays one note, he plays it well.
  • A fine actor, but an arrogant and often idiotic person

    I was shocked to see Tom Cruise on the "Today Show" condemning the entire field of psychiatry. He seemed to think the use of prescription drugs to treat mental illness was ridiculous because "there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance." Mr. Cruise, you have no idea what you are talking about. I am one of the many people in this country who suffer from a mental illness (in my case, bipolar disorder) and I can tell you that my treatment has saved my life. Like many, I struggled to accept the fact that I need medication and that my disease is not somehow a personal weakness. Mr. Cruise saying something like this is a slap in the face to everyone who lives with the stigma of mental illness. Like many celeberities, he has developed an opinion on a subject without bothering to get all the facts first. I hope his soon-to-be wife never experiences depression, because she may find her husband less than sympathetic, to say the least. Yes, I know I am judging him harshly on the basis of one interview, but what he is said is outrageous.
  • Tom Cruise is a crazy nutjob

    I am by no means saying that he doesn't have acting talent (he does); but on a personal level...the guy is loony tunes.

    What's with this Scientology nonsense? It's an embarrassment to organized religion. Yeah, I like some of his movies; but it's really hard to watch him now when I know how unbalanced he is.

    Apparently this is how he's been for a long time; but his publicist kept his image under control. A few years ago, that publicist was fired...revealing crazy Tom in all his glory. Jumping on Oprah's couch, his rant against psychiatry (It's an invention of the Nazi's man!)and his control-freak nature when dealing with Katie Holmes. I'm sure I've left out other incidents; but that's really all the evidence anyone needs.

    If he wasn't a famous actor, he'd likely be in danger of being commited. So yeah, he's bonkers

    p.s. Thank you free speech
  • Very overrated.

    I tried to like Tom Cruise as an actor and as a person, but the dude is just crazy some times. He is not a celebrity you want to meet and get an autograph from because there is a good chance he will make you not want to be a fan of is ever again. I've seen how he acts on certain shows and I have to say he is more than full of himself. I don't think he is a great actor, I just think he is overrated. Overall, he is not a person I would think is good. Thank you.
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