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  • People just listen to what everyone says, and dont have their own opinion.

    Its absolutly hilarious how people talk crap about Tom C. Oh he\'s so arrogant and weird,and all this other untrue B.S. But guess what!!? Who put him in this stupid position?, huh? The media, that will do anything for a little attention and a pretty penny. And people that dont have their own opinion, and just follow the trend. The problem I think is Tom\'s just a positive dude in general, and a lot of society is sour to begin with, so they just think he\'s an alien because he\'s happy. The truth is some of us just forgot whats like to be happy for more than just one day, or when we recieve a gift! Tom Cruise has been making great movies and he will continue to do so, you\'ll see cause he\'s an artist inside. Bottom line is we got so wound-up in this fake crap about him that we forgot how talented this guy really is. And if he\'s a little weird so what. Who isin\'t. Another thing I have to add is the ridiculous talk about his kid, Suri. How she was adopted, and where is the child. Maybe they just wanted a little thing called privacy. They had a kid for crying out loud! Seriously leave the man, and his family alone alone. Do you go to the theatre to see him, and wonder about his personal life, or to see him on the big screen to be entertained?