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  • Tom Cruise is a crazy nutjob

    I am by no means saying that he doesn't have acting talent (he does); but on a personal level...the guy is loony tunes.

    What's with this Scientology nonsense? It's an embarrassment to organized religion. Yeah, I like some of his movies; but it's really hard to watch him now when I know how unbalanced he is.

    Apparently this is how he's been for a long time; but his publicist kept his image under control. A few years ago, that publicist was fired...revealing crazy Tom in all his glory. Jumping on Oprah's couch, his rant against psychiatry (It's an invention of the Nazi's man!)and his control-freak nature when dealing with Katie Holmes. I'm sure I've left out other incidents; but that's really all the evidence anyone needs.

    If he wasn't a famous actor, he'd likely be in danger of being commited. So yeah, he's bonkers

    p.s. Thank you free speech