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  • What a schmuck. Has an ego that wouldn't fit in the state of Texas. But can you blame him, with everyone panting over him like that?

    I liked him in Legend. When his ego was little, he was cute. I'm sorry to say, I didn't think he was cute in Top Gun. I didn't like him in Mission Impossible part 1. I didn't like him in part 2. I didn't like him in Cocktail or Rain Man or Born on the Fourth of July or Days of Thunder. I was irritated that they put him in Interview with a Vampire - he wasn't how I pictured Lestat. That's when his starhood started getting in the way of the story being told. Then I liked him in Magnolia - he played a mysoginistic jerk - and in Minority Report. But then he had to star in War of the Worlds, and he screwed that up with the scene where Tom Saves the Day. It was, otherwise, a good movie. I'm just sick of hearing about him - so why am I writing about him? Because he's a large part of popular culture these days. Oh, and the scientology! Good lord. What a joke. (Ok, so if I get a death threat from them for criticizing them I'm *so* gonna blog it.) If he faded into obscurity from here on(fat chance) I'd be delighted.