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  • The most successful actor of all time. He has Charisma bucket loads. He is always talked about in the media and is a family man. He is mostly known for doing action movies but dabbles in all genres. Producer, Actor, Studio boss and wants to be a diractor.

    Thomas Mapother Cruise was born in 03 July 1962. He started his first movie in Endless Love but found fame and success from Risky Business. From there on he has never looked back. Raking in millions of dollars at the box office. He is one of the most successful actors of all time. His career spanning over 27 years. Tom Cruise was Married to Mimi Rogers back in 1986 that was the same year he converted to his loony beliefs in aliens sorry (Scientology)his best man at the wedding was Emilio Estevez son of the actor Martin Sheen. The marriage ended but they remained good friends. Tom then met Nicole Kidman in 1990 and made a flop movie Days of Thunder which he co-wrote. It tanked but their relationship blossomed. They adopted 2 children Isobela and Conner due to Nicole misscarrying their baby. The marriage collapsed after 10 years after Tom supposedly had an affair with Penelope Cruz. Tom has been dogged by rumours of his sexuality and has fought hard. Tom is usually a private man until he met Katie Holmes. Tom and Katie Holmes became parents to their biological daughter Suri Cruise after a whirlwind romance in 18 april 2006. Tom was dropped by Viacom's Chairman "Sumner Redstone" from producing movies from Paramount. Tom didn't stand back he got back to business with his partner Paula Wagner and now co-own their own Studio United Artist and got shares for free. Tom and Katie Holmes then got married with friends and family present in Italy 18 November 2006. Friends that were present Jim Carrey, Russell Crowe, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Richard Gere, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Victoria and Kirstie Alley. Tom is now currently working on reviving united Artist and making films that really matter. Trying to focus on all genres. Tom's best buddies have stuck by him. You can never get a good man down for long no matter what his beliefs are. Everyone has a right to live the way they want. Tom Cruise is hoping to one day become a director. There is still life in this actor. Hopefully he will be looked at for the work that de does and not for his personal life.