Tom Dumont





1/11/1968 , Irvine, California

Birth Name




He grew up listening to Disney compilation records. He was turned on to The Beatles in grade school. His father played piano. He eventually discovered the soothing tones of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Kiss and then became the guitarist of No Doubt. Tom's path of musical discovery is by no means typical and that's exactly why he adds such a unique sound and style to the music he now plays for a living. Tom has been a resident of Southern California for his entire life and currently resides in the nice coastal town of Long Beach. It was not long after moving to Long Beach that Tom began to fall victim to three new addictions that have interfered with his personal life and may soon affect his life with the band as well. At the age of 30, Tom Dumont had rediscovered a love for surfing. While this may seem harmless and enjoyable to most, it is an addiction that those closest to him see as potentially hazardous to his mental state. Each morning, Tom finds his way to the ocean not long after sunrise, often to meet friend Donnie Spada, to indulge in several hours of water pleasure. This wouldn't be a problem, assuming that he had the rest of the day free to redevelop lost social skills. The truth is that he does not have the rest of the day free. After several hours meditating with "Mother Ocean", Tom returns home for a quick shower and then is off to meet the band to work on new material. This is a daily process that can easily last ten hours. On weekends, Tom's other addictions begin taking a hold of him. Lately, he has been overcome by the obsessive compulsion of home decorating. This obsession consists of taking a simplistic room in his new home that has been tastefully decorated and adding a thousand more items to it. While this may sound cluttering, it makes perfect sense to Tom. It is his representation of true America. His third and final addiction is not as controlling and that is collecting old radios. Tom has been playing guitar for more than half of his life. Originally influenced by the likes of Rush's Alex Lifeson and Deep Purple's Ritchie, it might seem unlikely for a man of his influences to be playing in a band that is rooted in the ska and pop genres. Not much about Tom has ever followed the rhythms of "likely."

In early 1989, Tom was playing in a metal band at 21 and over to clubs for crowds consisting of bartenders, bouncers and personal friends. It just so happens that the rehearsal studio that his band practiced at in Anaheim was the same rehearsal studio that No Doubt was working at. Growing weary of the music of his teenage years, Tom started listening to material by Oingo Boingo and Steel Pulse. At the same time, he worked up the strength to quit playing in his metal band. One week later, No Doubt posted fliers in search of a new guitarist. He responded to the flier and received a call back. He continued to jam with No Doubt and play to a whole new crowd of people. To this day, Tom has never officially been welcomed into the band; he just keeps playing with them. However, taking into consideration that he struggled through No Doubt's formative years and all that he has contributed musically, it's safe to say that his status isn't in question.
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