Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine


3/25/1966, Concord, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Thomas Michael Glavine


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Tom Glavine was one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball during the 1990s. Playing for the Atlanta Braves, this lefty pitcher was one of the winningest pitchers of his generation.


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    • Tom Glavine: I don't like losing, but I know tomorrow morning I'll get a hug from my little girl, and that means more to me than any baseball game.

    • Tom Glavine: [Julio Franco]'s certainly a good example for everyone in terms of working hard and staying in shape. You're not going to get a better example of taking care of yourself. He's a quiet guy, but he commands respect, especially from the Latin American guys. He adds that veteran presence. Those types of personalities are good to have in the clubhouse when you're trying to build a winning mentality.

    • Tom Glavine: When I didn't feel good about my ability to make the pitches that I wanted to make, I was making pitches to avoid mistakes. Now I'm not. I'm being aggressive and making pitches to get outs or at least throw strikes. It makes all the difference in the world.

    • Tom Glavine (About facing the Braves): There are times I haven't trusted myself as much against these guys as other teams. I have tried to pitch differently against them and I've gone overboard. I have to have the same plan as I do against other teams.

    • Tom Glavine: Baseball players are no different than fans. We try and keep up on the moves and trades during the offseason. I was really excited about what the Mets have done this offseason. They went ahead and really addressed some of our weaknesses. I think this is a team easy to get excited about.