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    • Tom: (asked if he decides when a skit on "Thank God You're Here" should finish) Yes. We have a rough script and a preferred length but sometimes I'm enjoying myself so much that I forget to hit the hooter.

    • Tom: (asked who is favourite celebrity to appear on "Thank God You're Here" is) I enjoy everyone, because each person beings a different style. There are comedians like Tony Martin or Hamish Blake who always make me laugh. Then there are performers such as Fifi Box or Angus Sampson who don't rely on jokes so much as character. They're all great - and very brave.

    • Tom: (asked where the title of "Thank God You're Here" came from) The line was almost the first thing we thought of. It's actually an important part of each scene because it tells the performer that he or she is a major part of the scene - not just a bystander. Other countries are using the line, but it doesn't always translate so well. For example, in Holland the show is known as Fortunately You Have Arrived.

    • Tom: (on future plans for "The Panel") It's always in the back of our minds, that if the time was ever right, that if the planets ever aligned, then we could do it… It's a show we always enjoyed doing. We left The Panel in suspended animation. We neve ended it, we were never axed, but we all just decided that we had other things to do.