Tom Green

Tom Green


7/30/1971, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Michael Thomas Green



Also Known As

M.C. Bones, M.C. Face
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Tom has two dogs, Steve & Annie, and a parrot named Rex Murphy. He owns homes in Los Angeles and Ottawa, Canada.

    • Tom personally answers his fan emails on his website.

    • Tom formed a production company titled 'Bob Green Films', named after his uncle Bob Green.

    • Tom appeared on the Game Show Network's show I've Got a Secret, where he revealed his secret of his pet bird being able to clean his master's (Tom's) teeth.

    • Tom enjoys playing hockey and skateboarding in his free time, he is a skilled skateboarder, and is close personal friends with pro skateboarder Tony Hawk.

    • Tom released his album Not the Green Tom Show as his alter-ego 'MC Face' in 1998, then followed up with Prepare For Impact on December 6, 2005.

    • Tom's autobiography, titled Hollywood Causes Cancer, co-written with Allen Rucker, was released on October 12, 2004.

    • Tom visited troops in Kosovo on a USO tour in 2003, and went to the Persian Gulf to visit with troops in 2004 as well.

    • Tom launched the Tom Green's Nuts Cancer Fund, and made public service announcements to raise education and awareness.

    • Tom hadn't been feeling well for awhile, and believed that it was due to an injury he had sustained while performing bicycle stunts for The Tom Green Show, but decided to get a checkup anyway. His doctor performed some tests, and diagnosed him with testicular cancer on March 9, 2000. He had his right testicle and his lymph nodes removed to fight the disease.

    • Tom appeared on entertainment Tonight on March 20, 2000 and announced that he had been diagnosed with testicular Cancer. He made his battle with Cancer a public one, documenting it on his TV show, and making The Tom Green Cancer special in 2001.

    • Tom filed for divorce on December 17, 2001 citing irreconcilable differences. Their divorce was finalized on October 15, 2002. Tom was ready to settle down and start a family, while Drew was still trying to maintain her high profile lifestyle in the party scene, and pursuing her career.

    • Tom and Drew were awoke by their barking dog, Flossie on February 18, 2001 at 3:30 a.m. There was a housefire at their residence, and she nearly knocked their bedroom door down, trying to alert the sleeping couple. Firefighters estimated $700,000 in damages to their two-story 3,500 square foot home in North Beverly Hills. The incident was soon spoofed on Saturday Night Live with host Katie Holmes playing Drew, and cast regular Jimmy Fallon as Tom.

    • Tom and Drew eloped in March,2001 in the South Pacific. They later remarried on July 7, 2001 in front of family and friends. Tom claimed that at their wedding, most of Drew's show business friends (among them, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Courtney Love, and Molly Shannon) paid little attention to Tom's friends and family, since they 'weren't famous'.

    • Tom and Drew frequently joked with the media about when and where they were going to wed, the most memorable being on Saturday Night Live, on November 18, 2000 when Tom was the host. He brought Drew out on stage, and promised a wedding between them before the end of the show. The stage was set for a wedding, but the bride got 'cold feet', leaving all to wonder if they were truly planning to marry, or just staging a publicity stunt.

    • Tom met Drew Barrymore when she asked him to appear in the movie that she starred in and directed, Charlie's Angels. The two began dating, and were engaged to be married in July, 2000.

    • Tom once hung his own unauthorized piece of art in the National Gallery Bansky, with the added twist of showing up later to vandalize it in front of the horrified patrons.

    • Tom starred in and directed a one-hour special called The Tom Green Subway Monkey Hour, where he tormented strangers in Japan in March, 2002.

    • Tom's increasing exposure and fame made it difficult for him to continue to prank people on the streets, so he had to target mostly senior citizens and non-english speaking victims.

    • Tom wrote a song called 'Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song)', that he composed during MTV's Spring Break, while doing the show on a cruise ship. After airing the video on his show, and urging the audience to request it, it became an instant number one hit on MTV's Total Request Live. Tom quickly called for the video to be retired, claiming t hat 'It's just not fair to 98 Degrees'.

    • Tom's on-air sidekick, and real life best friend Glenn Humplik was often the butt of Tom's jokes. Glenn continued working at his phone company job, even after becoming famous, fearing that his entertainment career might not last. Tom once infuriated Glenn by giving out his office phone number on the air.

    • Tom is known for pushing the boundaries of taste, as in these well known skits: he pretended to 'hump' a dead moose (referenced by rapper Eminem in 'The Real Slim Shady'), having an X-rated lesbian scene painted on his father's car (labeled the 'Slut Mobile'), drinking milk straight from a cow's udder, and putting a cow head in his parent's bed as they slept because his father is a big fan of the Godfather Trilogy.

    • Tom invited Monica Lewinsky over to his home in Ottowa, in search of fabric for her new business venture in designing handbags in a March of 2000 episode of his show. Tom fooled local reporters with an 'important announcement' news conference held in his front yard, that turned out to be nothing more than a request for more fabric for Monica's business.

    • Tom had a hit with his first television show, The Tom Green Show. The format was that of a variety show, where he would have guests visit the studio and bands play before a live audience. He also incorporated taped segments that typically consisted of him playing pranks on unsuspecting people, including his parents often times, Mary Jane & Richard Green. They often appeared to be unamused, and occasionally angered by Tom's antics.

    • Tom released his first solo rap album, titled Prepare For Impact. He received offers from such rappers as 'Spice 1' and Bushwick Bill of the 'Ghetto Boys' to appear on their raps.

    • Tom had a short-lived career as a rapper in a group called 'Organized Rhyme' in the early 1990s. He made a comeback in 2005, with his rap group, the 'Keeping it Real Crew'.

    • Tom had a radio show on the University of Ottawa's campus radio station, CHUO, before getting his first series on Rogers Television, an Ottawa community channel. It was after his popularity soared in Canada, that MTV offered Tom his own show in the United States.

    • Tom grew up in Canada, and graduated from colonel by High School in 1990, and went on to Algonquin College for Television Broadcasting.

    • Raised in Ottawa, Green began to hone his comic skills as a teenager, pulling gags for the amusement of his friends.

    • He was Nominated for Breakthrough Male Performance at MTV Movie Awards for Road Trip (2001)

    • Was Nominated for Best Comedic Performance at MTV Movie Awards for Road Trip.

    • Was nominated for Best Cameo in a Movie at MTV Movie Awards for Charlie's Angels.

    • Freddy Got Fingered (2001) won 5 Razzies, including worst picture, actor and director. Green actually showed up to the ceremony to pick up his awards, the only one to do so in the history of the awards.

    • In Freddy Got Fingered he performed most of his own stunts; including the skateboarding scenes and the house scene. The studio was against Tom doing any of the stunts because if anything happened to him, they'd lose the lead actor and director.

    • When Freddy Got Fingered (2001) was originally rated NC-17 by the MPAA, Green replied: That's like, Porn - with Murder.

  • Quotes

  • No comedian has ever made me laugh like Tom Green

    Out of all the comedic icons so far in terms of provoking a belt of laughter this guy. I just stare and listen to the others.
  • Get inside the animal!

    Tom Green. What more can we say except how funny is this man.

    He even married Drew Barrymore for a short time, but my favourite EVER Tom Green moment is the whole of the film Freddie Got Fingered. Total classic. Loved the Zebra's in America, and the jokes inside it had me laughing for ages after "Daddy would you like some sausage" This man is comedy genius, and we in the UK don't get to see that much of him to be honest which is a travesty. Another great film he was in was Road Trip, but not his best. TG rocksmoreless