Tom Hulce

Tom Hulce


Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Thomas Edward Hulce


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Born in Detroit, Michigan in December 6, 1953, Tom Edward Hulce later moved to Plymouth, Michigan with his family. There in Plymouth he grew up with his two older sisters and older brother.
At a young age Tom wanted to become a singer, and actor. After graduating from…more


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    • Tom: (On early working conditions)I was working non-stop in New York, making about equal to unemployment compensation, when I went to Los Angeles for some television, mainly a role on CBS's St. Elsewhere. Then back to New York to star in the title role of The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket at Playwrights Horizon.

    • Tom: (His reaction to being on the set of Amadeus) At first, it felt like a costume party. It took all of half an hour just to put on my wig. But gradually I began to feel at home as Mozart in Prague. Beth Berridge, who plays my wife Constanze, helped both of us to steep ourselves in our characters; the production designer, Patrizia Von Brandenstein, even catered a period dinner for us, just so we could get comfortable about eating and drinking on camera. And slowly, over seven months on location, I felt at home with the food, the costumes, the wigs, the sets. I became Mozart. Knowing that I was standing in the very spot where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart conducted the premiere of 'Don Giovanni' was an eerie and awe-inspiring experience.

    • Tom: (On playing a musical instrument) Though I played the violin and sang as a child. When I first met Milos Forman and producer Saul Zaentz, they asked if I played piano and I told them my parents always warned me I'd be sorry.

    • Tom: (On living conditions) Up in Seattle people look after their lives in a way you can't do in New York or Los Angeles.

    • Tom: (when asked about an acting role) I realized I was a different actor and that I would tackle the part in my own way.