Tom Hulce





Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Thomas Edward Hulce




Born in Detroit, Michigan in December 6, 1953, Tom Edward Hulce later moved to Plymouth, Michigan with his family. There in Plymouth he grew up with his two older sisters and older brother.
At a young age Tom wanted to become a singer, and actor. After graduating from high school at 19; he gave himself 10 years to become an actor. He began to work in Ann Arbor as a usher and ticket seller at a small theatrical company.
After that he was determined to begin training as an actor so he could achieve his goal. He spent a summer studying in England then head off for New York. In New York he tried out for Broadway. After a month of trying out he acquired a role as an understudy in the play Equus. Before becoming the understudy he was originally hired to play one of the horses.
He later became well known for his role in the movie Amadeus. In that film he played Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. For this achievement he was awarded an Oscar. This movie also raised the sale of Mozart's music by 30%.
He later returned to stage as a director. He directed a play based of John Irving's 1985 novel entitled The Cider House Rules. Tom received many rave reviews for his directing work.
For the past eight years, Tom Edward Hulce has been residing in Seattle, Washington. Here he is able to be near the people and things he loves most. He is still to this day a respected actor for his work in directing, acting and singing.