Tom Kenny





7/13/1962 , East Syracuse, New York, USA

Birth Name

Thomas James Kenny




Tom Kenny was raised in East Syracuse, New York, where he later attended Catholic School. Tom Kenny was always fascinated with comic books and animated programs, which he read and watched on a constant basis, which permitted him to know more about the two subjects than anyone in his neighborhood. Tom Kenny idolized Bob Clampett and he did everything he could to learn as much as possible about animation; though Tom never imitated the voices of animated characters, as he preferred to create his own voices. Tom Kenny began his entertainment career as a stand-up comedian in Boston, though he later went to San Francisco where he continued to perform stand-up comedy. However, he still credited his comedy career to the legends in animation, such as Tex Avery, rather than other comedians in the field. Tom didn’t initially plan to provide voices for a living, though one night when he was performing his comedy routine, there were some executives from Nickelodeon and Hanna-Barbera in the audience, who approached him with an offer to work with them, which changed his life forever.