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  • Man of many voices

    What did he eat to be able to change his voice so many times? None of his voices are the same (that I could find) and he has been in so many shows and games (both good and bad) that it's not suprising that I find a character that was voiced by him. Also, he's friends with Arin Hanson from Game Grumps. They watched a building burn.
  • I really like his voice.

    Tom Kenny's an awesome guy because he's everywhere.
  • Most Annoying Voice Actor In The World

    This guy has the largest collection of annoying characters. (at least in his modern works) the characters sound similar in pitch and tone. Networks need to stop paying this guy to be annoying (especially the crying my god is that annoying!) and have him do different voices
  • Voice of SpongeBob SquarePants


    I think Tom Kenny's an excellent voice actor. He does a great job at voicing SpongeBob (in addition to voicing French Narrator, Gary, SpongeBob's Dad, Gary). I don't get some people think that Tom Kenny isn't voicing SpongeBob anymore because his voice got higher. He is still on SpongeBob, and he does a LOT of voices there (it doesn't bothered me, but his voices are easy torecognize, especially when he uses an old man voice). Also, besides SpongeBob, Tom is in Rocko's Modern Life (Heffer), CatDog (Dog), PowerPuff Girls (Narrator/Mayor), Dexter's Lab (Various voices), Fairly OddParents (Cupid), Camp Lazlo (Lumpus/Slinkman), and many more. Overall, Tom Kenny does a lot of great voice work. 10/10

  • he's an good guy

    Tom Kenny is one of those actors that are in almost any cartoon in the Nickelodeon CartoonNetwork and the disney Channel. tom Kenny isn't quiet in a lot of Live action show he is mostly in Cartoons. Tom Kenny is famous for Voice one of the best cartoon Character in the World. Tom Kenny is the voice of the famous Nickelodeon cartoon Spongebob Sqaurepants. One of the things that I don't like about him is that in some cartoons he mostly uses the same voice like he uses his spongebob voice to voice pat from Handy Mandy but he is still a good guy
  • Even at 49, Tom Kenny is one of the best actors out there.


    While Tom Kenny doesn't really appear that much in live action movies, he is one of the best cartoon actors out there. While voicing in many Nick Cartoons, he mostly notably known for voicing SpongeBob and Gary from SpongeBob SquarePants. He also voices rabbit in the new movie Winnie the Pooh. Many of his voices have fit many animated characters, and has some of the most original and fascinating voices out there. Even still voicing SpongeBob SquarePants for 12 years, but he still voices SpongeBob perfectly no matter what. The way he acts too is so unimaginably great that I wished that I had him as a voice actor too. Despite voicing for many years, Tom Kenny remains and will remain one of the most talented voice actors out there. :D

  • What can I say?... he's an extremely talented voice actor

    I think that Tom Kenny is by far the greatest voice actor that I have ever seen. He is extremely talented with his voice and he is known to be "The man with a thousand voices" which is true for me. I think that he does such an incredibly excellent job voicing as SpongeBob SquarePants in his cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants". Tom Kenny is also very well known on a bunch of other cartoons such as "Camp Lazlo", "Codename: Kids Next Door", "The Fairly OddParents", "The Powerpuff Girls", "Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated", "Dexter's Laboratory", "Rocko's Modern Life", "CatDog", "Cow and Chicken", "Johnny Bravo", "Foster's Home for Imaginery Friends", "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", and so much more cartoons that you can possibly think of. I don't know how he finds time to relax but this talented voice actor does a bunch of cartoons. He guest starred in two episodes of "True Jackson VP" as Bingo. He is even in the worst cartoon that I have ever seen on Cartoon Network called "Adventure Time" but he does a great job voicing as The Ice King as much as I despite that cartoon. He is also in films such as "Sky High", "Meet the Robinsons" and even "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". I'm looking to watching Tom Kenny in his upcoming movies releasing in theaters this summer which are "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and "Winnie the Pooh". Overall, this voice actor is so talented and I hope he goes as the years go by and he keeps SpongeBob on the air for a long time as well... Keep up the great work Tom Kenny. 10/10
  • Awesome voice actor!!

    In my mind, Tom Kenny is extremely talented! He did such an awesome job with Spongebob's voice, especially the laughter. I hope he doesn't hurt his larynx after the multiple hits to it. I would be really sad. He did excellent with the hot sauce voice. He also starred in CatDog which is a classic Nicktoon. I also like the baseball thing that he did on TV. I hope someday, Tom will have his own show, and have millions of viewers watch. Overall, awesome guy, known to many as "the man of a thousand voices", extremely talented, and should have a show.
  • He is number One!!!

    Tom Kenny is not only the best voice actor but he is my number 1 Voice actor!! every role is diffrent and he can prove his skills as an actor time and time again. He has a destinked (bad speller) tone to his voice that lets you know its him and love that film or programme. He can sing and he has proven this in spongebob and teen titans without losing character. my fav character he does is Raimundo Patroza (bad speller) from Xaiolin Showdown this is were i come to learn about him and to learn that he was the man behined the sponge!!!
  • Really good at voices.

    Tom Kenny was raised in East Syracuse, New York, where he later attended Catholic School. Tom Kenny was always fascinated with comic books and animated programs, which he read and watched on a constant basis, which permitted him to know more about the two subjects than anyone in his neighborhood. Tom Kenny idolized Bob Clampett and he did everything he could to learn as much as possible about animation; though Tom never imitated the voices of animated characters, as he preferred to create his own voices.

    Overall he is a great actor and is really talented. Though I like his voice for Spogebob the best.
  • No doubt the best voice actor ever! He's wonderful at his role of SpongeBob!

    Wow. Who knew one person could do God knows how many voices he can do. He is fantastic with every bit of his narrator's voices. (The Powerpuff Girls, The one in SpongeBob, a few others) One thing that amazes me about him is that he can do a wide range of voices, but they can all sound different. If you compared a few of his voices, like Ed's to SpongeBob, you'll be able to tell they sound totally different. In fact, I couldn't even notice a comparism and when I found out who played the characters I'm just like, "No way. IT cannot be done by the same person. They just sound too different." But they are and that's what amazes me about him. This might sound crazy, but he inspires me to get into voice acting!
  • Extremely talented voice actor

    Tom Kenny is one of my favorite voice actors ever. He has done so many work from voice acting. That is talented. He is 100% perfectly talented. He has done so many voices great animated television shows and he is a very, very, funny comedian. He is also funny for voicing Spongebob in Spongebob Squarepants. He has starred in so many television shows and work. Including popular video games. His comedian career makes him talented also. According to all his work informationed on, they are all very awesome work. More people should see his voice acting and comedy acting. Everyone should know him.
  • He's my favorite voice actor. Who else could do SpongeBob's laugh? Only him.

    When I was a kid I used to be a big fan of "The PowerPuff Girls" and I remember always liking the voice of the narrator and the mayor. Dog on "CatDog" was always a funny voice to me, and I always liked Edwardos's voice on "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends". After I became a "SpongeBob SquarePants" fan I felt in love with Spongebob's signature giggle and contagious voice, later to discover that the author of all these voices was none other than Tom Kenny, I knew in that moment that I have found my favorite voice actor of all times. What I love about Tom is that you can feel his commitment and passion for his work, he really enjoys it and to be able to make so many fantastic voices without sounding the same in each character, he must have a talent that has to be recognized. Although, I have been feeling a little disappointed with the variations of Tom's voice acting towards my favorite character that he voices: SpongeBob, I admire him for his effort and dedication. And even though SpongeBob's voice has experienced some changes throughout the nine years of the series, I still like everything that Tom Kenny does and I always look forward to all his projects and I'll support his talents, because he truly deserves it.
  • Tom kenny is one of my favorite actors of all time. He played plenty of characters I liked as a younger kid. I still like the fact he plays spongebob.

    Tom kenny is well know for playing Spongebob and Gary on "Spongebob squarepants", Cupid on "The fairly odd parents", and several other roles on Nickelodeon and possibly Cartoon network shows. I liked him alot as a little kid as I was a huge fan of spongebob. I still like him alot, but I not as much as a big fan of spongebob (I talked about 24/7 when I was a little kid). Still I'm wondering who else he'll play in the future. Even though He played plenty of roles, his most major role is Spongebob and gary on "Spongebob squarepants". He's one of the best actors for kids.
  • Tom is extremely talented as everybody's favourite sea-sponge, SpongeBob.

    Before we start, this is entirely on how well he plays the characters in SpongeBob SquarePants, not any other show.

    Anyway, Tom is a very talented man, and the way he makes that strange laugh is weird, but cool. Not only does he play SpongeBob, he also plays Gary, Mr. SquarePants, the narrator and quite a few more. Even though Gary only meows, he still does the voice very well, and his accent for the narrator is hillarious!

    I'm not sure what he does, but SpongeBob's voice seems to change a bit every season. However, he still makes a very good SpongeBob and I'm glad they choose him for the job.

    Final Grade: A
  • Nothing here. Read the review.

    Tom Kenny is one of my favorite voice actors. He does great as SpongeBob and other characters. I would LOVE to meet him. But sadly I think I never will. But who knows maybe I will (hopefully)Anyway I rated him perfect because he's perfect at doing voice overs for shows. Don't get me wrong. I like other voice over people too. Like Dee Bradley Baker or Tara Strong. I just think Tom is the best. I will NEVER change my opinion about him (unless he does something stupid, but I doubt that he will). Anyway it's getting close to 100 words (actually it's OVER 100 words) so that ends my review of the great TOM KENNY! *crowd cheers* ~Chris
  • very talented

    yeah he is he been like in every t.v show i watch. hes the voice of spongebob sqaurepants gibson from super robot monkey team hyper force go!he was even in pokemon once hes probly going to be in naruto to unless he has been already =P anyway he is very very talented yep ^ ^ what else can i say ... oh hes also been in some movies to hes been in sky hie (or however they spelt it XD )he never has that importnt part in the movies though...any way hes very good and he shouldnt stop doing it =)
  • empty

    He's pretty good. He makes the voices of Spongebob, Jake Spidermonkey, etc which that makes it great.
  • He's the best of all the actors!!!

    He is my favorite actor of all the world!!!, I love the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants!!!, Tom Kenny have a lot of talent, but some people can't see his talent and in some movies he have a little appearance

    When I grow up I want to be like Tom Kenny (except he's a man and I'm a woman) and I don't care NOBODY of my friends and the people I meet doesn't know who is he, because when I ask them: Do you know who is Tom Kenny?, they say: No, who is he?

    Some weeks ago I listen an interview with Tom Kenny, the interview was before the movie has been premiered and I listen a lot of things and then I think: "Wow, when he was a boy of my age, he has a lot in common with me!!!"

    My biggest dream is meet Tom Kenny and that some day I will do cartoon voices like him

    He is the man of the 1,000 voices!!!
  • He really is the man of a thousand voices!

    Who knew one man could do so many voices? He ranges from manly voices, to high pitched voices, like SpongeBob. Oh look! Another cartoon is coming on! Tom Kenny is staring it yet, another role. Almost every cartoon series made in this century, he's been in. My favorite role that he did was, SpongeBob, obviously. He does so many voices, when you hear his voice, he doesn't sound like any of the characters he played. I love his humor though. He doesn't mind playing a idiotic or stupid character. He also doesn't mind doing silly stuff, like singing. I hope Tom Kenny continues voice acting for years to come!
  • Man, I love this guy!!!! He does soooooooo many character voices!!!! He is awesomely talented!!!!!!!

    Words cannot express how good Tom Kenny is! He does a lot of cartoon character voices, including the sponge we all know and love! He is super-talented and has a totally original style!!!!!! I love that he can do soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many different voices that he can do almost any type of character!!!!!!! He has an amazing sense of humor and seems very friendly as just a person, I would love to meet him and become friends with him!!!!!! He just seems like a great guy and he is a very talented actor! I'm glad that he chose kids shows and not the adult crap with dirty jokes and stuff!!!! Tom kenny is a great actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This review is all so a asking!

    Tom, I want you to come and do my show. I just love his voice. And I can do his voice. Bring up anything you got. I'm so talented! Anyways, I need him to play as Greg and Karl for the show. Also, about the show thing, I think I am right. You need your own show! Go ahead! I'll give him your own show (Once I'm done with my first show.)! So think about it Tom. And, tell me what you think. You may also play other recuring roles. So just keep your voiceing everything, hope I see ya! ;)
  • Defenitly a hilarious voice actor!

    I when I was younger, I've always enjoyed Tom Kenny as many charactors such as the Narrator of 'The Powerpuff Girls', the Mayor in 'The Powerpuff Girls', Carl in 'Johnny Bravo', Spongebob in 'Spongebob Squarepants', etc. and he's always helped make cartoon charactors funny with the funny voices he does for them. It's funny how his Spongebob voice anoys Squidward alot. XD He's hilarious as the Narrator in 'The Powerpuff Girls' since of how he always comments on many things. I remember one time he did his own special on Cartoon Network that showed bloopers and embarissing moments in various Cartoon Network shows. The bloopers where never shown in any CN shows before which helped make it special and it was funny when he showed embarrising moments which where shown in different CN shows. I think he would do pretty well having his own comedy show.
  • He's the best!

    Tom Kenny is my favorite voice actor in the cartoons. His roles for SpongeBob SquarePants and The Powerpuff Girls were the best! But I don't know what his first show was when he started voice acting. There's another reason why SpongeBob SquarePants is my favorite show on Nickelodeon, he did SpongeBob, Gary and the Narrator perfectly! I own the DVDs that I can hear his voice on. He also did the Common Cold from "Codename: Kids Next Door" very well. He did a great sniffling voice like when he had a cold. He's the best voice actor? What is there more to say?
  • This guy is so funny I could burst my gut!

    I like this person becuase he plays the role on my favorite tv show and my favorite character, SpongeBob SquarePants! He is really funny and can make his voice sound so different, in good ways and bad ways, like making SpongeBob's voice sound higher. Tom Kenny is a very talented man and should be one of the best actors and comedians of all time! I hope he does. He has so much talent and everything. He is one of my favorite actors of all time. He is so talented and funny I can't beleive what I am hearing. Tom Kenny rules!
  • He's everywhere, but he's talented.

    He can do a lot of voices and is everywhere you hear. He can change his voice hundreds of times and his moods are varietal. He is very funny and can make anyone laugh. But, the problem is that just because he's the voice of Spongebob, it means that he can be everywhere. He's overused in cartoon voices and rarely uses his actual voice. It's bad because this is really tearin his vocal cords up often and rarely has anytime for himself because he's too busy voicing cartoon characters. But, aside from that, he is a very funny voice actor and one of the greatest. I give him a 8.4
  • fyndm

    He is a very good voice actor that does the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants the series main character SpongeBob and he also is Patchy the Pirate and he has done so much voices to many cartoons in TV like Dog and Cliff on CatDog and many many many many more of cartoons with high popularity in television. Also he is indeed talented in voice acting that every voice actor must be very good to voice TV characters and help writing story boards in the shows and many more of that stuff in the history of TV anyway I give his a 10.0 perfect rating for my review.
  • Amazing! and they thought he plays over 100 characters in at least 20 cartoon shows!

    When I first heard Tom kenny was in the 2003 Cartoon Network Bloopers I never noticed He did the Mayor, and the Narrarator. Then came Foster's where I didn't know he did Eduardo. Then came camp Lazlo, where I didn't know where he Did Lumpus and Slinkman. then came My Gym Partner's a monkey where I knew he did Jake Spidermonkey. So throughout time, I thought and still will say, He's one of the Best Actors ever! Sometimes, I wish I could be like him! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • His voice is so weird, that I can't even reconize it!

    This man is very talanted. He can twist can turn his voice in so many ways that I loose count! I think most people know him from his voice in spongebob squarepants as the voice of spongebob. In that show alone, he does over five different voices. I think he does, Spongebob, the announcer, the guy with the french accent, gary, and a few others that I can't think of. He also does voices for The Disey Channel and The Cartoon Network. His voice is in so many different places that it's hard to count. I think that he is very talanted person.
  • wow this guy is sop cool and awesome and moe and more

    Tom Kenny is so very awesome. He does many voices in the show such as Spongebob, Mr. Squarepants, Gary, and the Narrator.

    Spongebob- Tom Kenny does a great job doing spongebob's voice. since he is the main character, there has to be a good man for the job and Tom Kenny is the man for it! I love the way he does he voice and his laugh it is just plain amazing!

    Gary- Gary doesnt't have that much of a role in the show since he can only say meow, but he is spongebob's pet and i love how Tom can differ Spongebob and Gary's voices, it is just so amazing.

    Mr. Squarepants- Again he is not that of an improtant or great character either. But still Tom Kenny can do such a great job with the voice making it nice and more deep than Spongebob's

    Narator- The narotor is great he talks always at the beggining of an episode (usually) and Tom Kenny does a great job with the voice.

    So overall this guy can do a lot of voices for just one show, because he can and he can do a good job of it. If your a director and need a good guy for a voice. Look no further Tom Kenny is your man!
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