Tom Laughlin

Tom Laughlin


2/14/1971, Yonkers, New York, USA

Birth Name

Thomas Laughlin



Also Known As

Tommy Dreamer, The Innovator of Violence, T. D. Madison, Tommy, Dreamer, Bobby Ocean
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Tommy Dreamer was a member of ECW since its inception in 1993. And despite numerous offers to jump to the old WCW or WWE, Dreamer stayed true to his roots, and became perhaps the most recognized ECW star in the company's history. The journey that the "Innovator of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Give Tommy Dreamer the ECW tittle.

    Give Tommy Dreamer the ECW tittle. Tommy Dreamer an Ecw original who was a part of ECW when it started in 1993 despite a lot of offers by WCW and WWE Tommy stayed true to his roots and stayed with ECW. Tommy is probably the most the most recognized ECW superstar in the company's history. Tommy is known as the "Innovator of Violence".Tommy was the first wrestler to kick out of Jimmy Snuka's finish move "The Superfly Splash". Tommy Dreamer is known for taking a beating by the "Sandman" with a Singapore Cane and saying thank can I have another. Tommy's rivals have included Raven Tommy finally beat Raven. The Sandman, Tazz, and the New Breed. Tommy broke is neck in ECW. Tommy married Theresa Hayes aka Beulah McGillicutty, on October 12, 2002. Tommy was a member of WWE creative team. Tommy has won a total of 6 world championships one of them is the ECW world championship Tommy defeated Tazz for his first and only ECW Championship reign on April 22, 2000 in Philadelphia. Tommy would go on to lose the title eighteen minutes later to Justin Credible. Tommy is also a Tommy is a 4 time ECW tag team Champion with Scott Gunn, Terry Funk, Raven, and Masato Tanaka. Tommy is a 14-time WWE Hardcore Champion. So give Tommy the Ecw championship again.moreless