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    • Tom Lester: (when he moved to Los Angeles to become an actor) God never took the time to make a nobody. People go through life wishing they had tried to do something, but they're afraid to try because they're afraid they'll fail. The failure is in not trying.

    • Tom Lester: (how he found his faith and family values after Green Acres) I had all the fun of being on Green Acres and laughing every day and having a great time. I had all the fun of traveling across the country and meeting wonderful people in churches. God gets all the credit, and I get all the fun. What a great deal!

    • Tom Lester (after he turned down a beer commercial, his agent dropped him): I couldn't go into a church and share my faith and be in a movie downtown that people in the church wouldn't see because of the subject matter or language.

    • Tom Lester: If, with God's help, I wasn't living the Christian life, then me speaking across the country wouldn't have the effect that it has.

    • Tom Lester (on being a handsome actor): They said, 'You are too tall, too skinny, too ugly, you have a Southern accent and you don't look like Rock Hudson.'

    • Tom Lester (about not having to do what others are doing): Each person has the opportunity to choose and make quality decisions that can change and effect our lives forever.