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  • Blue Bloods - In Uniform with Tom Pelphrey!



    It was so good to see you again after watching on Guiding Light since it began on TV. You really know how to captivateall with your performance. Thanks for tugging on my heartstrings. Hope to see you regularly on Blue Bloods!

    Stay well and be happy,


  • Absolute crackpot. I love it!

    Unfortunately I only started watching GL this year so I missed the last 2+ years of Tom's performance. I'm glad to see he's resurfaced on Numbers.

    My favorite part of GL was the scenes interviews on "Inside the Light". I love Tom's sense of humor, total smartass and a crackpot, which is very attractive haha!

    Such a great performer on GL, I look forward to seeing him on Numbers and so on..
  • What I think of Tom? I wouldn't even know where 2 begin.All that i can honestly say is that ever since he joined GL all those years agao he has brought nothing but pure excitement to the show & to see him leave was a huge loss.Good Luck w/we u endure!

    I am HUGE fan of his & follow pretty much anything he is working on. Meeting him somdy would be an absolute dream come true for me! I think that he is such a wonderful person & phenominal actor & that the best is yet to come =] Good Luck Tom w/ whatever & I really hope to meet you one day ;)) Jodi from Pa
  • This guy can act! Whether he's in a psychotic whirlwind or he's sobbing his heart out over the death of his wife, Tammy, this guy can act! I've loved him since he's started. Please don't go!!!

    DON'T LEAVE US!!!!! This guy came out of nowhere and took the role of Jonathan by storm. His acting is superb. He brings to life such a reality that alot of other actors are missing...what is his secrets? His loss on the show will be a horrible loss on those of us faithful viewers. I have watched the show since i was mother and grandmother both, longtime viewers. I was actually named after the character of Robin from way back when. Anyhow, what will this show be like without the multi-talents of Tom Pelphrey. He will be sadly missed as will the actress that plays Tammy. What a shame...I would have liked to seen them as parents and where they could have gone with that. But like any other soap, we're filled with many sadnesses but whereever you wind up, Tom Pelphrey, best of luck to you and you will be sorely missed by me!!!
  • Not the word you would choose for his character Jon Randall, but Tom...

    I think he's wonderful. I hate to see him go from GL, but I think he's meant for bigger and better. Especially with soaps on the decline, he's one actor I would hate to see get lost in the shuffle. I was initially completely grossed out by the whole "cousins" storyline, and had really hoped they would rewrite it so that they aren't related. DOn't get me wrong, I am still grossed out...ew! COUSINS! But I love the chemistry that he and Stephanie have. I honestly don't think the writers knew what a power couple these two could be when drafting the storyline. And you can tell they tried to make a clean break. But again, that chemistry got in the way. And seriously...what actor wants to be typecast in that incestuous role...the kissin' cousins type! YIKES! I look forward to seeing him in the future, I believe he's going to be noticed!
  • Got to Love Guiding Light and Jon he is a character that you just MUST see , hope his story line will have alot less Tammy in 2007 , Sorry Tammy find a new man that your not related to !

    Tom , you are great but I docked ya .1 for cheating ! I Love You With Lizzie and Sara!! That whole sweet side of you but with an edge is so working !!! So forget Tammy whats her name !! I also love the way Jon and Reva get along now too ! Your character is so great to watch especially with the whole Lizzie giving birth in a car ! I believe Jon could Love Lizzie if Tammy would just stay away , but now thats the whole beach thing has happened I am interested to see how its handled by all involved , you could earn that .1 back maybe !! lol Keep up the awesome work and don't ever cut that hair !!
  • Best thing on GL

    When I first saw Tom on GL I couldn't stand him. As time went by he grew on me, and then I just fall in love with him. I think he is a good actor and he is really handsome. He reminds me of my uncle; he looks like he is tough, but he's just a big old teddy bear.
  • Sweeetest Actor out there !! Tom rocks and I would be his cousin anytime !!

    What can I say !! Tom Rocks
    Loved him from day one on GL . Even my grandma and great grandma love him. There favorite actore to.
    And he is sooo sweet in person to. I am a huge fan of his.
    Best actor on tv...waiting till he is in the movies as we know he will be !!! And the best part of all is he is down to earth and ladies if you meet him he loves to give kisses !!! I had the pleasure of kisses and we sang a song together. He loves to karaoke. Man of my dreams if I wasnt already taken...haha
  • I love Tom Pelphrey!

    I love Tom Pelphrey!!He is an amazing actor. He does an excellent job on Guiding Light portraying Jonathon Randall. I think that Jonathon is a very complex character and Tom just does an excellent job. I love how he can be so angry at one moment and then he shows such loving behaviour to Tammy. I think that Tom is too good for soap operas(although I do want him to stay!!!) he should be on primetime or on the big screen...more people need to see him. Not to mention that he is absolutely gorgeous! I really love Guiding Light and Tom as Jonathon just makes me love it even more!
  • Tom Pelphrey is such a wonderful actor. He pulls me into the show every day.

    I could not imagine any other actor playing the role of JB. His acting is so believable. He makes me feel so bad for his character. I have not seen acting so conincing in a long time. Tom Pelphrey is the reason I watch Guiding Light these days. I would love to see more actors like him.
  • Tom Pelphrey is a wonderful actor. He is so great as JB on Guiding Light.

    Tom Pelphrey is a huge talent. He is such a great actor and he is the reason that I started watching Guiding Light. I predict that he will go far after he is done at GL. I would really love to see him on the big screen some day. Oh did I forget to mention how hot he is especially when he gets that evil look in his eyes as JB.