Tom Reilly





6/18/1959 , Fort Reilly, Kansas

Birth Name

Thomas Michael Reilly III



Thomas Michael Reilly III was born in Kansas, and later moved to New Jersey with his family. His father owned a trucking company and his mother was a nurse. Tom also has two younger sisters. Tom is 43 years old and is 6'2" tall. (weight: not known at this time, but still very sexy...I'm sure !!)
As a young man, Tom had many choices to consider. However, football captured his attention. He had dreams of a pro football career. He was attending New Jersey's Montclair State College when he was approached about becoming an actor. His manager suggested Modeling as a stepping stone to acting. Within a month, Tom signed with a New York agency and jetted off to exotic locations on assignment for Pierre Cardin and Calvin Klein. Tom has traveled to many places including France, Italy, Malta, Japan, and Puerto Rico, all before the age of 21.

(To be continued...)
check back...P.S. If you happen to have a tape of Tom's Football Glory days ?? (I love footbal)
I want me !!!