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  • Tom Reilly really is underrated as an actor.

    Tom Reilly really is underrated as an actor. I think he's an incredible guy, both on screen and off. He's smart, funny, and extremely talented. The only real shot he got at stardom was the last season of CHiPs, and because of a dumb move on his part (which might I add...I'm sure every young person has done something along those lines at one time or another) it cost him good credit, as far as ever starring on another show again.

    I was very dissapointed at the way the rest of the cast and crew of CHiPs wrote him off. I mean, everybody's entitled to make mistakes. Look at Drew Barrymore. She had bigger drug problems than I'm sure Tom could ever even think of...and look at where she is and how successful she is today.

    I really hope that wasn't the reason that Tom was not on the CHiPs reunion movie, CHiPs 99.

    I'm sorry if I'm coming off as opinionated and bitter. I really appreciate and support Tom, and I hate to see him singled out for mistakes that he's already made, and I'm sure he's already learned from.