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Tom Schiller was one of the original writers on "Saturday Night Live," and later became one of the show's first "featured players" (you're not a regular, but you appear in sketches anyway). When Lorne Michaels left, Schiller directed and wrote a feature film called "Nothing Lasts Forever: with Zach Galligan and Bill Murray. When Lorne returned in 1985, Tom followed, and he remained a writer and sometime featured player until 1993.

Tom's specialty was short films, and many of his works were seen on "SNL." His first quickie aired in 1976, and he sparingly contributed to the live segment of the show. His work on "SNL" led to directing a feature length film in 1987, a Diane Keaton comedy called "Baby Boom." In the late 1980's/early 1990's, he even had his own segment, "Schillervision," which featured an assortment of actors he had hired on his own along with other cast members.

Tom now lives in New York and Connecticut with his family. He is a successful commerical film director for humorous commericals we see today.