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    Tom Selleck, we love you in every show and every film you are in, we watched you for years and keep enjoying and admiring your every great performance! Lots of happiness and 1000 more wonderful films to you, we are you biggest fans! Love, Michigan fans

    I have to admit, .at 51 there is not too much that I actually "enjoy" watching anymore on television. However, it is with GENUINE ENTHUSIASM I greet each episode of "BLUE BLOODS". Tom Selleck has gone above and beyond in defining the leading role in this all-star cast of fellow actors. This series STEALS THE GLORY with a story line that delivers action, intrigue, high morality and ethical viewpoints, as well as strong family values, ALL WHICH WE ARE LACKING IN TODAY'S SOCIETY! A program that is able to incorporate all of this "IS A GODSEND!" Mr. Selleck, you have given the audience PURE VIEWING PLEASURE once again, while instilling a little bit of hope for the future of network programming! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! YOU ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED.

    Respectfully, Terri Morton-Alexander of Torrance, CA
  • Lets have another Western Mr. Selleck !!!

    I love everything Tom Selleck has done in the way of TV and Movies. I have most of his westerns and i have three of the Jessie Stone Movies. I love everything he has ever done. Love Blue Bloods Magnum Pi. I am waiting on Tom and Sam Elliot to get the rest of the gang together for another Western while they can still get on a horse,if they can. Love your fan forever !! <3 :)
  • Same old Same old.

    Tom, we are tired of seeing your ditto reactions to every complication the writers script for you. You play every complication with the same pompous, grumpy expression. BOOOORING. Your fellow cast members are first rate - even while suffering through the inevitable family dinner your writers force you to endure - YAWN: but you just sit there stodgy as ever with the same old expression show after show. My husband seems to think the dinner scenes help make the show more believable. Sorry, for me it just give you another opportunity to play the same old same old.
  • Jesse Stone

    Dear Tom Selleck, I have thoroughly enjoyed all eight of the Jesse Stone Series and I am hoping and praying that there will be more. My all time favorite actor has been John Wayne but you have now, I my estimation, far surpassed John. You are a tribute to your profession and I have never been disappointed with any of your work. I would be thrilled to some day be able to meet you. God Bless you and your family.
  • Love Tom Selleck

    Always have, always will. I grew up watching Magnum (reruns.. I was 2 when the show even my mom was nuts about him! Wonderful actor, who has a sparkle in his eyes and a humor that just makes him great. Hoping for more Jesse Stone movies and Blue Bloods episodes. Shame I can't find The Closer from 1998 anywhere.
  • love jesse stone

    please tell me u will make another jesse stone!!!
  • Great actor.

    Love him in everything he does.
  • A great actor.

    Tom Selleck is a great actor. I best remember him in all of those old western movies. He was my favorite character and he used to be a new version of Clint Eastwood. I liked it when he would get rid of all the bad guys. Either way, he was really entertaining. Aside from those movies, he has been really good in his other work. I have to say that he has never changed and that I respect. He has to be one of the all time greats because he is one of the most recognizable actors of all time. Thank you.
  • Tom Selleck is a cowboy at heart.

    He is one of THE best western cow boy actors to date. Love his western movies. He was also great in Magnum PI and High Road to China. He could have been a bigger star, but he found his nitch and will forever be remembered as one of the memorable actors in Hollywood. Glad to see he found a new venture in the Jesse Stone movies. So stoic. Love him in Las Vegas as well, yet there isn't enough of him in it, IMO. However I would like to see his lighter side again. He won't be Magnum again, but I would love to see the Magnum-esq side of him again.
  • Tom Selleck is known for his role of Thomas Magnum in the '80s show Magnum, P.I.

    Tom Selleck was born Thomas William Selleck to Robert and Martha Selleck on January 29, 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in Detroit, but went to the University of Southern California. He gained fame for his role of Thomas Magnum on Magnum, P.I. in the early '80s. On May 15, 1971, he married actress Jacqueline Ray and they have a son named Kevin. In 1982, they filed for divorce. On August 7, 1987, he wed his second wife actress Jillie Mack and they have a daughter named Hannah. He gained stardom again for portraying Dr. Richard Burke on Friends. In 2006, people knew him again for his role of Chief Jesse Stone in the CBS movies Jesse Stone shown every year on CBS. His height is 6' 4"(1.93m). Tom's trademarks are: his mustache and the Detroit Tigers baseball cap. I think he portrayed Thomas Magnum very well. I hope to see more great roles from Tom Selleck real soon.