Tom Skerritt

Tom Skerritt


8/25/1933, Detroit, Michigan

Birth Name

Thomas Roy Skerritt



Also Known As

Tom Skerrit
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Tom Skerritt was born on August 25, 1933, in Detroit, Michigan, as the son of Helen and Roy Skerritt. Skeritt attended high school at Mackenzie High School in Detroit, followed by his studies at Wayne State University and the University of California in Los Angeles. In 1962, Skerritt…more


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    • Tom: I have never really capitalized effectively on the successful films I have appeared in. And I have been in some pretty damn good films. What it comes down to is what someone told me years ago -- if you have one hit and the next two are not successful, then you have to start from scratch again. That's what happened to me. It's like a game, I suppose, and I've been doing OK.

    • Tom: (on the biggest compliment received from a director) Just being hired by a great director is complimentary.

    • Tom: (on his favorite piece of music) I've got too many I can't really say. I love music too much to pick out one particular favorite. I could never do a disservice to some other great creative work.

    • Tom: One has the responsibility to oneself, to the writer, director and the people who put up the money, to put out the best of what one has experienced and understood about the human condition as it relates to the role one has been hired to portray.

    • Tom: Most screenplays depend primarily on the vision of a director.
      Obviously, if a director doesn't communicative a clear, relevant
      vision of the material, it will not succeed no matter how good the material. Same sense, 'just so' material with a director who has time and vision can turn out a better than expected film.

    • Tom: TV writing is different than other mediums, involving the writer
      everyday in the course of a TV season.

    • Tom: (on what gets his attention the most when reading a script) The story and who's directing.