Tom Waits





12/7/1949 , Pomona, California

Birth Name

Thomas Alan Waits




Tom Waits is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and actor from Pomona, California. He is best known for his experimental style that ties rough, growling vocals into complex musical arrangements that incorporate numerous pre-rock elements including jazz, blues and vaudeville. Born on December 7, 1949, Tom Waits' professional music career kicked off in 1972 when he was signed to Asylum Records and released his first album, "Closing Time." Waits went on to release six more records with Asylum before signing to Island Records in 1983, which saw a drastic shift in his music style. Over the next decade he would release seven more records through Island, each exhibiting a different direction of experimentation including album concepts and the incorporation of unconventional instruments. In 1982, Tom Waits worked with acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola to produce the soundtrack for the film "One From the Heart." On the set of the film, Waits met screenwriter Kathleen Brennan, whom he subsequently married. Waits would later say that his wife was his primary musical collaborator, helping him venture into other styles such as on his folk-inspired album "Mule Variations," for which he won a Grammy. "Mule Variations," released in 1999, was Waits' first album with new label ANTI- Records, with whom he remains. Tom Waits has also maintained a subsidiary career as an actor, appearing in such films as Francis Ford Coppola's "Dracula" and Terry Gilliam's "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus."