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Tom Westman

Tom Westman


1/4/1964, Queens, New York

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  • Tom Westman is a hero on Survivor: Heroe...
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Born January 4, 1964 in Queens, New York, Tom attended St. Margret's grammar school, and Archbishop Molloy High School. While in high school, Tom was a member of the school's track team, where he held the school record in the pole vault for 20 years, until it was…more


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  • loved him so

    I was bouncing around thrilled when Tom won, my all time fave, survivor, he played the game so well kept his integrety, never really lied to his alliances, has a both physical and emotional and intelligence advantage over players younger than him, plus he is a NYC fireman... I love this guy
  • Great winner & all-around nice guy!!

    I really loved Tom

    As he was won of the all-time favorite Survivor winners riding up there with Ethan Zohn

    He was really a leader as well as a team player

    His tribe won every immunity challenge

    As he won five out of seven immunities

    Somehow and somewhere, I knew that he was going to win Survivor

    Being a firefighter probably gave it all away

    Glad that he won IMO!