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  • A likeable survivor.

    I first came across Tom Westman when he was a contestant on the 10th season of "Survivor" when it was filmed in Palau.

    As the game started and then wore on throughout the season, what I liked about Tom's game was his great leadership ability in the Koror tribe that helped them every tribal immunity challenge and then several individual immunity challenges to help save his neck from the chopping block at tribal council. Another thing that I enjoyed about Tom was when they went fishing and caught a shark, something which I found impressive.

    When the final episode aired, even though I was also a fan of Katie, I'm glad that Tom won, because of the way he had great leadership skills that lead he and his fellow contestants in his tribe to several victories.
  • loved him so

    I was bouncing around thrilled when Tom won, my all time fave, survivor, he played the game so well kept his integrety, never really lied to his alliances, has a both physical and emotional and intelligence advantage over players younger than him, plus he is a NYC fireman... I love this guy
  • Great winner & all-around nice guy!!

    I really loved Tom
    As he was won of the all-time favorite Survivor winners riding up there with Ethan Zohn
    He was really a leader as well as a team player
    His tribe won every immunity challenge
    As he won five out of seven immunities
    Somehow and somewhere, I knew that he was going to win Survivor
    Being a firefighter probably gave it all away
    Glad that he won IMO!