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  • Brilliant behind :D

    When Tom Wopat played Luke on the “Dukes of Hazzard” not only was he brilliant, but he had one helluva behind! Unfortunately I haven’t seen him in much more than the “Dukes”, but I still feel I have the right to say he was and still is a brilliant actor and man in general. I hope Mr. Wopat is enjoying success with his Broadway career, and I hope his behind hasn’t changed all that much. :D
  • Wopat was the best of the younger cast on the Dukes.

    While John Schnider (Bo Duke) may have received more pretty boy status on the Dukes due to be younger, etc. and I will confess I had a major crush on Daisy Duke, the best actor of the younger cast was Tom Wopat. Wopat was always the cool one, who did most of the dangerous stunts and was the brain of the outfit. He was the best actor (I do a lot of stuff in theater so acting ability is important to me) Wopat has gone on to be extremely successful on Broadway and recently released a new album which is very well-done.
  • There's just not enough words to describe how sweet and loveable Tom is!!!

    Everything that I have seen this man in has never failed please me. He adds class to every role he plays! My favorite role that he played is of Luke Duke in Dukes of Hazzard. His character is very smart and he accentuates Luke's intelligence by the way he delivers his lines. His playing Luke Duke is how I developed an avid crush on him.
  • Talented hunk!

    Tom Wopat is the only and one original Luke Duke and that Johnny Knoxville doesn\'t hold a candle too.
    He can act, sing, direct, and do much more.
    Too bad that his talents haven\'t been used that much on tv as Broadway is his thing.
    And that he has made a name for himself there.
    Loved him as Luke, the calm, cool, and level-headed one.
    Just keeps getting better and better IMO!
  • Tom Wopat knows how to play whole helluva person!

    Tom Wopat is a fine piece of work. I dont mean that in the sense of his looks, I mean that in the sense that he is the whole package. He IS quite good looking, but he is also talented, and very smart. He writes, he acts, he sings, he dances, he does EVERYTHING that he's good at, or so it seems!
    The first time I saw him was yes, on the Dukes, and that was only a few years ago. But I was captured by his charisma, the way he seemed to pull a plan out of thin air, when all was going crazy.
    There is just something about him that is so good, and he is so into his characters, you can tell he puts alot of hard work into what he does, and he loves it too.
    He is a wonderful singer, he just has a voice that will put you at ease, and make you think all is right with the world.
    Tom Wopat is a hard person to describe, especially when you feel instead of think. By that I mean, he makes the performance so well, its overwhelming, makes you think "Wow" and thats all you can say.
    Tom Wopat is a living legend, he will always be one of the greats, even after he is long gone. Long live Tom Wopat!!!!
  • Tom Wopat is the only Luke Duke!!!!!!

    Tom Wopat seems like he is a person that could get along with anybody. He seems to be a down to earth kind of a guy. He is a talented actor and singer. When I first saw him on Dukes of Hazzard I fall in love with his eyes. I love the color of them when the light hits them just right. I with that he would do more stuff on the tv or in the movies, but he is doing every well in boardway. In my opinon Tom is Luke Duke. When I watched the new Dukes of Hazzard Johnny Knoxville didn't do a great Luke Duke. I just didn't like the way Luke was portrayedin it. Tom Wopat is the only Luke Duke!!!!!!
  • Tom is sooo amazing, he makes me wanna give him a big hug!

    Well what can I say about Tom Wopat, Sexy, Handsome and Intelligent. There are no limits to his talent, I don't think The Dukes of Hazzard would have worked without the maturity and the brother like relationship between Tom and John. He's not only the kind of guy you'd like to take home to your mum, but also would be a great friend and a good listener.
    He's an actor not only in television, film but theatre as well playing major roles in great musicals as Annie get your gun and Chicago and performing in Glengarry, Glen Ross. He also is a talented musician recently bringing out his album Dissertation on the state of bliss, featuring the music of legendary composer Harold Arlen and also having other hits with the still of the night.
    He is without a doubt one of the gems that should have been given more to show how much he can actually shine...put him in more TV shows so we can marvel and drool over Tom Wopat.
  • He\'s Luke Duke!

    Tom Wopat is the perfect person to play the role of Luke Duke on "The Dukes of Hazzard." Bo and Luke are my favorite characters from the TV show. I honestly like both of them equally but in different ways. Luke is a lot like one of my best friends. He won't let anyone hurt any one of his friends or family and he protects them in any possible way that he can. Not only that but he's handsome too. He can get just as many girls as Bo can. Luke is smart too. Whenever he and Bo get into trouble he always comes up with a plan to get them out of it. He's also a dare devil. He does more of the crazier stunts than Bo, like jumping from one car to another and more. "The Dukes of Hazzard" is the best TV show ever! Nothing can top it! Tom Wopat along with John Schneider makes it worth watching.
  • He played Luke Duke to profection.

    He was the older and wiser cousin in my favorite TV show of all time 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. He played Luke Duke an ex-marine. He could drive a car like a pro, fight in a boxing ring as shown in one episode. He was always getting out of trouble his younger cousin Bo got them into. He was even good when he had to play a part in the show that was unlike him. This was shown in the episodes 'Goodbye General Lee' where he is hypnotized into getting rid of his car and 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Luke Duke' where he insults everyone in Hazzard county and pulls a gun on Bo after robbing a bank this is all after he gets bad water. He also directed some episodes and was a talented singer. He also played in another show called 'Cybil' opposite Cybil Shepard.