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  • Tom Wopat knows how to play whole helluva person!

    Tom Wopat is a fine piece of work. I dont mean that in the sense of his looks, I mean that in the sense that he is the whole package. He IS quite good looking, but he is also talented, and very smart. He writes, he acts, he sings, he dances, he does EVERYTHING that he's good at, or so it seems!
    The first time I saw him was yes, on the Dukes, and that was only a few years ago. But I was captured by his charisma, the way he seemed to pull a plan out of thin air, when all was going crazy.
    There is just something about him that is so good, and he is so into his characters, you can tell he puts alot of hard work into what he does, and he loves it too.
    He is a wonderful singer, he just has a voice that will put you at ease, and make you think all is right with the world.
    Tom Wopat is a hard person to describe, especially when you feel instead of think. By that I mean, he makes the performance so well, its overwhelming, makes you think "Wow" and thats all you can say.
    Tom Wopat is a living legend, he will always be one of the greats, even after he is long gone. Long live Tom Wopat!!!!