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  • Tom is sooo amazing, he makes me wanna give him a big hug!

    Well what can I say about Tom Wopat, Sexy, Handsome and Intelligent. There are no limits to his talent, I don't think The Dukes of Hazzard would have worked without the maturity and the brother like relationship between Tom and John. He's not only the kind of guy you'd like to take home to your mum, but also would be a great friend and a good listener.
    He's an actor not only in television, film but theatre as well playing major roles in great musicals as Annie get your gun and Chicago and performing in Glengarry, Glen Ross. He also is a talented musician recently bringing out his album Dissertation on the state of bliss, featuring the music of legendary composer Harold Arlen and also having other hits with the still of the night.
    He is without a doubt one of the gems that should have been given more to show how much he can actually shine...put him in more TV shows so we can marvel and drool over Tom Wopat.