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Tommy Dewey Trivia


  • Trivia

    • It was during his freshman year at Princeton that Tommy had a foot injury forcing him to forfeit his cross-country season which made him join Quipfire (a improvisational comedy troupe) after a friend's encouragement.

    • During his senior year at Princeton, Tommy was the president of the fraternity Kappa Alpha.

    • Tommy graduated from Princeton University with degrees in Public Policy and Theater in 2001.

    • During filming of The Mountain Tommy, along with castmates, moved to Vancouver, Canada.

    • Tommy is an avid helicopter-skier.

  • Quotes

    • Tommy: (on his castmates of "The Mountain") It's a great cast... person to person, there are no weak links. It's kind of like camp because we're all in Vancouver, so we spend a lot of time off the set on weekends.