Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan


7/3/1965, Glasgow, Scotland

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Tommy J. Flanagan
  • Mark Boone Jr., Tommy Flanagan, and Char...
  • Tommy Flanagan on Sons of Anarchy.
  • Tommy Flanagan stars in Season 2 of Sons...
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6' (1.83m)

Dark brown hair and brown eyes.


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    • Tommy bares a number of scars. While working as a painter and DJ, Tommy almost died when he was mugged leaving a Scottish pub. After refusing to give up his coat and records, one of the men stabbed him, resulting in Tommy's scars on either side of his face.

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  • Good Actor and Good Character

    I love his character on SOA. He is charming and kind, yet he'll hold his own in any brawl. After they killed Opie, I was genuinely upset, but the next episode was light hearted and just a little bit bad. This last season was so intense and Tommy's character is needed to bring good qualities to the group overall, and pull the group together in strenght.

  • Tommy Flanagan is the only motorcyclist I ever liked in my entire life !

    I never thought I ever like a motorcyclist for their rules and rough attitude and but after seeing several episode of this show with my son, it has become my favorite show too so surprisingly to myself, and more surprisingly, I really like Tommy Flanagan, not only because of his handsome and hot good looking, but also for his character, the act and action he has in this show and how quietly he does a lot without saying too much, and boy he is too hot ! The Blondy boy, Jax is good looking too, but mostly girly looking, do not know how to say it but he is more pretty than being handsome and manly good looking, but his act is not bad. Kate and Tara are both great too, however I do not like Ron's character in this show and feel so sorry and pity for the good boy who got killed in the total i love the show, great show.....moreless