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    Generally speaking, reality shows aren't my thing. But I must say that "Cheaters" is different, primarily because virtually every adult on the planet, male and female, young and old, has been cheated on at least once. Therefore, everyone can relate to the episodes and the ugliness that can ensue once the confrontation occurs. Also, I don't know of any other "reality" show that pursues the truth so relentlessly. "Judge Judy" may be the only exception that comes to mind! As for Tommy, I like the tough questions he asks at the face to face intervention, even though he often doesn't get a satisfactory response at the time. At least he gives the guilty party some food for thought. Who knows, some individuals may even change their ways in terms of how they handle future relationships, if they are smart! At the very least, it will probably make them think twice before going out on their girlfriend/boyfriend. Tommy is rather good at being empathetic and kind to the suspecting party before, during and after the truth of the betrayal is revealed.