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  • Great actor.

    Love him in almost everything he does. (Man of the house?)
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    One great actor. He plays better characters in action or drama movies than on comedies, but still he is very cool. I think that to be a good actor you have to try out from everything, and Tommy Lee Jones certainly is something special and original, and that is why I think that he is very cool!
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    Tommy Lee Jones is such a cool actor. I mean he's a man's man that plays a lot of very cool characters in his movies. He's been around for a while and has proven that he can play the action hero, but his foray into comedy hasn't been as brilliant.
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    Tommy Lee Jones is such a brilliant actor. He hasn't been in all too many movies which I know but the ones he is in are some of my all time favourites like The Fugitive, Men In Black 1 and 2, Volcano, Small Soilders and US Marshals. I surprised myself, he is in more than I thought. His character in alot of his movies and all of the ones I mentioned except for Small Soldiers is pretty much the same. Good guy who is very important who has this 'charming' personality. Tommy Lee Jones is one of my all time favourite actors!
  • He is alright.

    Tommy Lee Jones is a decent actor if you ask me. The only movie of his I have ever seen is Batman Forever. He had quite a nice role playing District Attorney Harvey Dent / Two-Face. It was kind of sad that Harvey was killed like that though. He got a nice role doing Two-Face in Batman Forever. Really nice actor.