Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee


10/3/1962, Athens, Greece

Birth Name

Thomas Lee Bass



Also Known As

Motley Crue, Mötley Crüe, T-Bone
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Tommy was born in Greece but grew up in Southern California. He joined the heavy metal band Motley Crue when he was seventeen and stayed with them until 1999 selling millions of records and touring the world many times. Tommy has been married to Heather Locklear, Elaine Irwin…more


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    • Tommy Lee: (on his quickie marriage to Pamela Anderson) Getting married in four days was the biggest ... mistake I've ever made. I have two beautiful kids, but ... how can you know somebody in four days? Bonehead.

    • Tommy Lee: This is another group of fine high school athletes. They come from good programs with good work ethics. Their high school programs have not only taught them the game, but also taught them what it takes to win. Bottom line; they are some really tough kids who will easily fit into our program and buy into what Bulldog football is all about.

    • Tommy Lee: Look at those pretty green vines. They've got a beautiful stem and they're growing so good. To have to come in and cover them up, it breaks my heart.

    • Tommy Lee: This ain't no circus. This is my life they're talking about.

    • Tommy: When I was a little kid I took tap & ballet. I loved to dance. I was a rhythm machine.

    • Tommy: My life does not suck.

    • Tommy: I've got into midgets recently. They're so fun. Every time I see one I just want to pick him up and take him home with me.

    • Tommy Lee: (On being tempted to get a hot girl to front the band on Rock Star Supernova) There are a lot of cute girls that can actually sing and they're just as possible as some of the guys.

    • Tommy Lee: (On what they are looking for in a person on Rock Star Supernova) To take this to a whole new level, they need to be an all-encompassing vocalist who really understands how to present us.

  • LOVE HIM!!!!

    Funny. GREAT!!
  • Tommy Lee...the hottest drummer around!

    I've always liked Tommy Lee ever since I was a teenager. His drumming skills are mad and, IMO, he's up there in the top 10 drummers (of course, Neil Peart, being #1 of all time!)

    He's done many things, but one thing I think he sucks at is the role of being on TV. I mean, his show where he went back to school, was ok. Loved him on Rockstar: Super Nova, but I think, in all, he should stick to what he does best! Which is rockin'

    I saw him in concert in Washington...he was touring with the Rockstar: Supernova bad (since he was their drummer) as well as Panic Channel. He was awesome. He came out on stage in pants and a tie! It was quite hot. I remember him passing around alcohol to the crowd and of course, the "little security guards" being pissed about it, madly searching for it! LOL

    In all, I love him! And one more thing, I think HE deserves Anderson, NOT Kid Rock! Ha Ha