Tomokazu Seki

Tomokazu Seki


9/8/1972, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo - Japan

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Seki Tomokazu
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Tomokazu Seki is a famous seiyū, or Japanese voice actor, who has stared as the voices of in many anime series. These include (but are not limited to) Suneo from the long running Doraemon, Kyo Soma from Fruits Basket, Sousuke Sagara from the Full Metal Panic! series, Brandon…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Tomokazu Seki was a featured guest of honor at Otakon 2007, an anime convention held in Baltimore, Maryland.

    • Seki is so poplar, that there is a saying when people tend to not know who the seiyū for an anime is: "When in Doubt, Say Its Seki Tomokazu"

    • He did the voice of Stan Aileron in the video games "Tales of Destiny", "Tales of Destiny 2" and "Namco x Capcom".

    • He voiced Moses in "The Prince of Egypt" Japanese dub.

    • He did the voice of Vyse in the "Skies of Arcadia" video game.

    • He did the voice of Virgil in the video games "Xenosaga" and "Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose".

    • He performed the theme songs for all of the following: the Anime Tenchou OVA, Demon Lord Dante, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~, the Hitsuji no Uta OVA, Knight Hunters, the Knight Hunters Eternity Psychic Force OVA, and the Weiss Kreuz OVA.

    • He is the host of the radio shows "Radio Tales of Destiny" (which started in 1998), "Radio Big Bang" (1999), and "Weiss Kreuz FM" (2001)

    • He was a major part in multiples issues of "Newtype Japan", "Animage", and "Voice Animage". He has also appeared in over 50 other magazines.

    • In 1992, Tomokazu made his debut as a voice actor. He voiced Kyle in the console game Lunar: The Silver Star Story.

    • He has appeared in approximately 100 events in Japan, including "Sony Music Anime Fest", "Jump Fiesta", Tokyo Game Show", and "Sakura Festival".

    • He has appeared in 15 drama CDs, including Fruits Basket, DN Angel, and Weiss Kreuz.

    • He works for Haikyou, a Japanese anime company.

    • His blood type is "AB"

    • His favorite anime series is "Getter Robo"

    • His favorite seiyū is Akira Kamiya

    • Voice actress Aya Hisakawa originally thought Tomokazu Seki was older than she was because of his mature and relaxed attitude. But it turns out he's younger.

    • Tomokazu Seki was born in the Year of the Rat, but if he had a choice he would be a Tiger.

      A detailed interview with Mr. Seki can be found on the Fruits Basket DVD volume 3.

  • Quotes

  • What can I say about Seki Tomokazu? He's my favorite Seiyuu.He is an very talented seiyuu.He has done few roles that are noticeable liked Gravitation,Fushigi Yuugi,Weiss Kreuz,Angelic Layer etc.............

    Seki Tomokazu that is an good question? What can I say about him.Well he is an cool seiyuu! He had voice in some of my favorite animes liked Gravitation,Fushigi Yuugi,Weiss Kreuz,Angelic Layer and Fruit Basket.He's pretty good seiyuu.How can anyone not love him? As an favorite seiyuu? I mean he's one of favorite seiyuu.He sings pretty good as well.If I could hint off from Weiss Kreuz music.I would liked to meet him someday.Altough that may never happened.moreless