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    • She eally wants to be an actress, and says that Reality TV was probably a bad way to jumpstart here career.

    • Although many people speculate as to who Toni's "main" partner was, she really did not have one. Andon, Scott, and Beau all had strong connections with her. But she is also close to Alex and Zack, since she says, "I was always with the girls (Amy, Kristen)."

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  • This is to Toni personally...

    You really need to get a life. Come on girl? you really think you will get to be an actress by being on reality shows over and over? Reality Kills just proves you cant act. I for one am very tired of you and dont want you in a movie.
  • Toni is a star, a cry-baby-movie-like star.

    She is a smart woman, but so insecure. Something that I find sad for her, because she should be happy with how she is, she looks good.

    The thing that defines Toni is dramatics.

    Toni should play the starring role in the grown-up version of the Drama Queen-flick in which Duff starred.

    She cried every single elimination round. Even when she got kicked out by Keith because he chose Charla, smart man that Keith fella.

    Everytime there was a fight or an argument: Toni was involved, with a lot of "game on"'s flying around. I got really fed up with her.

    She contradiceted herself so many times that I couldn;t take her seriously anymore. She was really annoying by the time she got kicked off the show by Keith.

    Pity because I think she could have been an asset to the whole show, if she had been less self-consious.moreless