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Discography: Lemon Parade (1996) Sugar (1999) Head on Straight (2002)


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Album Chart Success:
      Head on Straight - No.141 (Billboard Top 200 Chart, 2002)
      Sugar - No.81 (Billboard Top 200 Chart, 1999)
      Lemon Parade - No.28 (Billboard Top 200 Chart, 1997)

    • Song Chart Success:
      "Take Me As I Am" - No.36 (US Adult Top 40 Chart, 2002)
      "Knock Down Walls" - No.20 (US Mainstream Rock Chart, 1999)
      "You Wanted More" - No.10 (US Modern Rock Chart, 1999)
      "You Wanted More" - No.3 (US Mainstream Rock Chart, 1999)
      "You Wanted More" - No.26 (US Adult Top 40 Chart, 1998)
      "Open Up Your Eyes" - No.33 (US Adult Top 40 Chart, 1998)
      "Casual Affair" - No.8 (US Mainstream Rock Chart, 1997)
      "If You Could Only See" - No.1 (US Mainstream Rock Chart, 1997)
      "If You Could Only See" - No.3 (US Modern Rock Chart, 1997)
      "If You Could Only See" - No.7 (US Adult Top 40 Chart, 1997)
      "Open Up Your Eyes" - No.22 (US Modern Rock Chart, 1996)
      "Open Up Your Eyes" - No.2 (US Mainstream Rock Chart, 1997)

    • Featured Music in Movies:
      "Everybody's Talkin'" - Clay Pigeons
      "You Wanted More" - American Pie
      "Flower Man" - The X-Files
      "Eyes of Sand" - Scream 2

    • Tonic was No.5 among Billboard's Top Hot Mainstream Rock Artists of 1997.

    • Birthdates of band members:
      Emerson Hart - July 21, 1969
      Dan Lavery - June 11, 1969
      Jeff Russo - August 31, 1969

    • For the album Head On Straight, they enlisted the help of drummer Joey Waronker and keyboardist Will Holis.

    • Tonic is an alternative post-grunge rock band who has signed for record labels like Polydor, A&M and Universal Records.

    • The original members of the band are Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Rothchild and Kevin Shepard.

    • They consider classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin and The Beatles as the major influence of their music.

    • The album Lemon Parade received platinum sales certification in America, Canada and Australia.

    • The song "If You Could Only See" was named Billboard's Rock Song of the Year in 1997. It was also recognized as Rock Radio's most played song of 1997.

    • At the 45th Annual Grammy Awards, Tonic received nominations for "Best Rock Performance By A Duo or Group With Vocal" for their song "Take Me As I Am" and for "Best Rock Album" for Head on Straight.

    • Writer-producer Dan Lavery has written songs for movie projects such as The Passion of the Christ and Elektra.

  • Quotes

    • Emerson Hart: That's why I think people respond to our music. It touches an honest chord.

    • Emerson Hart: A lot of them don't know their instrument, they don't take time to write songs, and they focus too much on their image. And that's just wasting everybody's time. Do you want a kid to look up at you and see that you're a fake? You want to strive to do something better.

    • Emerson Hart: Radio is constantly changing and that is the nature of it. That is just the way it goes. It goes up and down and in and out.

    • Emerson Hart: (on the sad, emotional themes of their songs) As dark as it may seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It's kind of like a failsafe or kill switch, a governor on a rental car, I can only go so far before I'm about to blow my head off and then I realize, "It's not that bad."

    • Emerson Hart: (on their album "Head On Straight") This is definitely the most personal and focused album we've ever made. I took a lot of time writing the lyrics. It's a real album, and a lot deeper lyrically than a lot of music out there today.

    • Jeff Russo: Rock is not dead! It's a feeling, an emotional response you get. There's nothing that can speak to you like a great lyric or melody. Rock is a sure-fire way of communicating.

    • Jeff Russo: The most important thing in songwriting is being honest. If you're not being honest, people know you're bullsh-tting.

    • Jeff Russo: The bottom line is that this business is a business of personalities. There are 100 million different kinds of personalities, and you just have to try to adjust yourself for every personality that's out there.

    • Emerson Hart: (on maintaining good relationships in the industry) You're never a star. Remember that you're never a star. Because those are the people who will carry you through the bad times. There's no loyalty to begin with, so try to get as much as you can. Always be friendly.

    • Emerson Hart: We realized that we really have to learn the balance between making the music and being in control of your career. It has to be a really fine line, because if you get too wrapped up in the business, then you just become a mean, miserable guy. Or you get to the other side, where you just don't know, you keep your head down and make your music, and people are taking money out of your pocket.

    • Emerson Hart: We're not about image. We stake our entire career on the strength of our songs.