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Tony Amendola


New Haven, Connecticut

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Tony Amendola


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Tony attended Southern Connecticut State University and graduated in 1974. After that he went on to attend Temple University in Philadelphia, graduating in 1977 with a Master of Fine Arts Degree.

In 1978 he decided to make the move to Los Angeles to find work in film and…more


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    • Tony Amendola: Acting is very schizophrenic because you'll have one director who'll say "no, smaller, smaller, you're doing far too much, you're doing far too much, smaller," and then you'll have a director saying "what are you doing? You know, give me something" and Mario's larger than life, and I have to make that adjustment. I'm watching him and he's a bear of a man, much bigger than I am, so I said "this take I'm going for it. I'm going for it. I don't care, what are they gonna do? If they don't like it, they'll cut it."

    • Tony Amendola: (about being on the "Stargate" set) The welcome wagon is really Teryl and Amanda, they really make you feel at home, but Chris, to me, has been such a gift…he writes things for me and he's just a joy…he's bright and filled with life. Pretty much everyone right down to Jan Newman who's the make-up co-ordinator is just extraordinary and it truly is like returning to a group of people you really enjoy to be around.

    • Tony Amendola: (about the similarities between himself and his character Bra'tac) Stubbornness, silliness I'd like the say occasionally... kind of a belief in education and the belief in the important of mentors. And still to this day a hunger for experience and knowledge and to just somehow made myself and the world better and somehow make life more enjoyable for us all.

    • Tony Amendola: My true spirit is in the theatre, it's made me who I am.

    • Tony Amendola: I'm a theatre-trained actor, and I did that for many years so the notion of going from genre to genre and character to character is very appealing to me. I loved doing The West Wing, clearly I love doing Stargate otherwise I wouldn't return. It's just variety, change of pace, I love the experience of working in different countries or visiting different countries; being here in England for this event is great.

    • Tony Amendola: (on three things he would bring to a desert island) The complete works of Shakespeare, some good red wine and cheese, and my wife.

    • Tony Amendola: I enjoy Stargate a lot because it is given me so much work. And it's such an interesting character. I love working with Christopher judge, who is a fellow actor and a great friend. He has been very kind to me, he has written stuff for me, he has helped me in so many ways, so Stargate is special for me.

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    I've only seen Tony Amendola as Master Bra'tac on Stargate SG-1 and he does a relatively good job. His character is one of my favorite returning characters in the show. He's the experienced master that still kicks butt and can hold his own. He's always the voice of reason and he's just awesome. Tony Amendola plays the character well, but he's not anything special. Many other actors could play the character the came way, or even better. Tony is just a good actor, not amazing, but not bad. I enjoy seeing his as Master Bra'tac and I hope to see him as other characters in the future.moreless