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    • Tony Amendola: Acting is very schizophrenic because you'll have one director who'll say "no, smaller, smaller, you're doing far too much, you're doing far too much, smaller," and then you'll have a director saying "what are you doing? You know, give me something" and Mario's larger than life, and I have to make that adjustment. I'm watching him and he's a bear of a man, much bigger than I am, so I said "this take I'm going for it. I'm going for it. I don't care, what are they gonna do? If they don't like it, they'll cut it."

    • Tony Amendola: (about being on the "Stargate" set) The welcome wagon is really Teryl and Amanda, they really make you feel at home, but Chris, to me, has been such a gift…he writes things for me and he's just a joy…he's bright and filled with life. Pretty much everyone right down to Jan Newman who's the make-up co-ordinator is just extraordinary and it truly is like returning to a group of people you really enjoy to be around.

    • Tony Amendola: (about the similarities between himself and his character Bra'tac) Stubbornness, silliness I'd like the say occasionally... kind of a belief in education and the belief in the important of mentors. And still to this day a hunger for experience and knowledge and to just somehow made myself and the world better and somehow make life more enjoyable for us all.

    • Tony Amendola: My true spirit is in the theatre, it's made me who I am.

    • Tony Amendola: I'm a theatre-trained actor, and I did that for many years so the notion of going from genre to genre and character to character is very appealing to me. I loved doing The West Wing, clearly I love doing Stargate otherwise I wouldn't return. It's just variety, change of pace, I love the experience of working in different countries or visiting different countries; being here in England for this event is great.

    • Tony Amendola: (on three things he would bring to a desert island) The complete works of Shakespeare, some good red wine and cheese, and my wife.

    • Tony Amendola: I enjoy Stargate a lot because it is given me so much work. And it's such an interesting character. I love working with Christopher judge, who is a fellow actor and a great friend. He has been very kind to me, he has written stuff for me, he has helped me in so many ways, so Stargate is special for me.