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    • Tony Curtis: I want the public to know that it will be an honor for me to meet them and spend a few special moments with all those who helped me through my filmed career.

    • Tony Curtis: I used to be good friends with my depression, saying oh I'm so depressed, or life is terrible.

    • Tony Curtis: I only have good memories of being in France!

    • Tony Curtis: I joined the Navy hoping to be submariner and ended up in the sub service aboard a tender in the Pacific.

    • Tony Curtis: I enlisted when I was a boy. The Navy looked after me like my mother. It fed me, took care of me and gave me wonderful opportunities.

    • Tony Curtis: On a personal note, my dressing table downstairs is crowded with things, like a mini landscape. It's a city with buildings and towers and roads. There's a pool and a little park. When I move something around it becomes a different tableau.

    • Tony Curtis: Where there is no art show, I would still be painting

    • Tony Curtis: My longevity is due to my good timing.

    • Tony Curtis: Before I was in the Navy I knew I wanted to be an actor, and I was able to study drama and get into the movies.

    • Tony Curtis: At 17, I dreamed of seeing the world. At 19, I had been around the world and back.

    • Tony Curtis: I was 22 when I arrived in Hollywood in 1948. I had more action than Mount Vesuvius - men, women, animals! I loved it too. I participated where I wanted to and didn't where I didn't. I've always been open about it.

    • Tony Curtis: Fame is another profession. I feel that I have two professions, I have the profession of being an actor and I have the profession of being famous.

    • Tony Curtis: Comedy is the most honest way for an actor to earn his living. People would rather laugh than cry. The quickest way to change drama into comedy is simply to speed up the film.

    • Tony Curtis: Hollywood... the most sensational merry-go-around ever built.

    • Tony Curtis: I had to be careful where I went because I was a Jew, because I was young and because I was handsome. It made me wiry and erratic and paranoid, which is what I still am. Always on guard.

    • Tony Curtis: I wouldn't be seen dead with a woman old enough to be my wife.

    • When asked who the most attractive person he worked with was, he replied calmly, "I am.

    • Tony Curtis: What's the secret to a long and happy life? Young women's saliva.

    • Tony Curtis: I ran around with a lump in my pants, chased all the girls. This is what I reflected on the screen. There wasn't anything deeper or less deep than that.

    • Tony Curtis: They gave me away as a prize once - a Win Tony Curtis For A Weekend competition. The woman who won was disappointed. She'd hoped for second prize - a new stove.