Tony Danza

Tony Danza


4/21/1950, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Birth Name

Antonio Salvatore Iadanza


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As a kid, Antonio Iadanza didn't dream of acting; hedreamof being a boxer. He even boxed professionally briefly under the name 'Dangerous' Tony Danza. While working out at the gym, he was spotted by a casting director and invited to audition for a role in the sitcom Taxi.


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  • Times up

    Tony Danza was one of the good actors of the 80s. His sitcoms that he played in, Who's the boss and Taxi was funny, but he just like so many another actors of those has-been 80s actors ( career after the 80s went downhill) that can't walk away from Hollywood and spends his time think about the FAME he once had.

    Like so many others will do anything to keep himself in the glint and glimmer of it all and if that means making a fool of himself on TV, that what he'll do.

    It's really sad to see people do this to themselves.moreless
  • I haven't seen his other shows, but when I was watching reruns of the Tony Danza show, I saw that he couldn't make a joke to save his life, the guest stars are attrocious, and that he yammers too much about being a grandfather.moreless

    My impression of this guy is that he is one of a long list of HAS-BEENS. When I watched his talk-show with my mom, let's just say I wasn't impressed. It was painful watching as he brought his attrocious guests up to interview and when I say "attrocious guests," I mean Jerry Springer, the lady who starred in Nanny McPhee, the other lady on The View, and anyone else I probably haven't seen or mentioned. Why they're attrocious, you ask? Well, let me tell you: Jerry Springer's an a$$hole. The star of Nanny McPhee's cooking is horrible. The lady on The View doesn't seem like the most likeable person. And the rest are like I said, HAS-BEENS.

    Tony Danza sort of reminds me of a sad clown. The makeup on him looks terrible, kinda like the makeup you would put on dead people lying in a casket. His jokes suck. Where are the crickets when you need them? Well, that's it. I don't care if you disagree with me. All I know is that it's my opinion and that I see this guy for what he truly is. So BLEH. If you need me, I'll be too busy watching anime episodes among other things on since it seems like American television these days really suck.