Tony Denison

Tony Denison


9/20/1949, Harlem, New York

Birth Name

Anthony John Sarrero



Also Known As

Tony Denison, Anthony John Denison
  • The cast of season five of The Closer.
  • The cast of season five of The Closer.
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With Broadway Theater under his belt, Tony Denison made his momentous television debut starring in producer/director Michael Mann's critically acclaimed drama, Crime Story. As Ray Luca in the NBC one-hour television drama series, Tony received a fistful of kudos, including Time magazine recognition as "television's best villain of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Okay, Tony Denison, it sounds like you are a jack-of-all trades! I like Tony's style in the Closer. He and G.W. Bailey together are a perfect pair, and the best when playing off each other! Keep up the good work, Tony, no matter where you wind up.moreless

    Tony Denison and G.W. Bailey together are a perfect pair, and fit into The Closer just great. My favorite episodes are the "casket falling down the steps" after a funeral; the "fiasco with the two airline attendants", and last, but not least, "the body in the garage", which Tony very responsibly took pictures of, even if he did go right along with Bailey in getting to that ball game; which of course never happened. The hilarity of these episodes made me laugh out loud! But, not to pass up the rest of the cast, everyone plays a perfect role. I will miss The Closer very much when it is gone, but also understand that no one could ever take the place of this wonderful csat.moreless