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    • Tony Hale: (on his character's fake hand in Arrested Development) I switched from the hook to a prosthetic hand, which is kind of like a glove. The hook is this canister I stick my hand in, and that gets a little hot. I always feel bad for the props department when they have to take it from me and it's just this sweat log.

    • Tony Hale: (on his Arrested Development character Buster Bluth) The great thing is that Buster is so ignorant about a) how he comes off and b) what's happening around him, that he just kind of lives in his own reality. After he lost his hand, for a couple of days he still thought he had it. He had his hook on and would give massages to people and make their shoulders bleed. He's just not aware of what goes on. If somebody's laughing at him, he'll just join in.

    • Tony Hale: (on the similarities between himself and his character on Arrested Development) We both have pretty bad allergies. I had asthma as a kid, and I'm sure Buster had asthma and every other disease in America. I tend to be the one on set who will crack up the whole time, and Buster's a big laugher. I literally can't keep it together. It's unfortunate. Someone will hit a joke and it's ruined because I can't hold it together.

    • Tony Hale: (on the final days of Arrested Development) We're just kind of enjoying it, because we don't know — maybe it'll be our last week. We get our scripts pretty late, about two days before we shoot. But that's because the writers are working so hard, and what they come up with is just brilliant stuff. It's a blast to see what they come up with each week — the risks they take are just crazy. I still don't have a hand! And I don't know if I'm getting that back. They really think outside of the box. The mood is just one of taking it day to day.

    • Tony Hale: (on his plans now that Arrested Development has been cancelled) I'm probably going to stay in TV. I'll do some great movies over the hiatus, which is nice, but with the baby coming, the schedule of TV's much easier. You're not leaving for two and three months.

    • Tony Hale: I have a huge respect for improv actors. That's a skill that I've never had. Maybe I'm too much of a control freak, but I like to have the words and know what I'm going to say. I always feel bad, though, if I'm working with someone and they give me some improv. I'll respond, but sometimes it's not as funny as what they've said. This has definitely been a huge lesson.

    • Tony Hale: If it's written well, you trust the words. Too many times, a difference is taught between comedy and drama, where drama's very real and comedy's something different. But if you play a comedy real, and if it's a good script, then it's going to be hilarious.

    • Tony Hale: (on the pilot for Arrested Development) I'm a huge Christopher Guest fan, and it had that very biting humor about it. And just that it was shot documentary -- I just loved that.

    • Tony Hale: (on Arrested Development) Each show is such a blast, the way these people write and the stuff we get to do. We've had great experiences, and we're having a blast. I mean, sure, it's a huge bummer, but each script that we're given really is just a treasure to do. They write the most amazing scenes for us.