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  • would it work

    I love ur show watch everyday. would like to know what do you think of John Elway coaching the Broncos? he's done a grate job with them y not? think he could do it? would love to hear what u think thxs.
  • Tony Kornheiser keeps Pardon the Interruption enjoyable.


    Tony Kornheiser is overall a great guy, who knows a thing or two about sports and keeps me coming back to Pardon the Interruption, unlike his partner, Michael Wilbon. However, keep him out of the broadcast booth, I don't like him commentating Monday Night Football games, I'm glad that stopped. Other than that, Kornheiser is a funny man and one of my favorites from ESPN.

  • Really want off of MNF!

    OK, I admit that I like Tony as a columnmist as well as on Pardon the Interruption. That is where he thrives at best. But on Monday Night Football, they want to have another Howard Cosell. Sure Cosell you loved to hate or vice versea. You would think that they would have learned, as the Dennis Miller flap didn't last for, less than two years. I think that if you are going to have a football team, you only need a play-by-play man. And a color analyst that only knows football. And keep Tony where he is best suited at. Like at columnist and Pardon the Interruption.