Tony Munch

Tony Munch


12/4/1965, Canada

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Tony Munch is best known as the Rat on the Famous Jett Jackson and as the Janitor on Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (Black Hole High). He does a lot of theatre as well as television appearances. He has also done his share of movies too. He…more


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  • A talented actor. It's great to see him working again.

    Although I live in the United States, I seem to enjoy many different Canadian shows that have appeared here. I first saw Tony Munch in The Famous Jett Jackson on the Disney Channel. I enjoyed the show and his character, the Rat, was a greasy, dirty "villian."

    The next time I saw Tony Munch was in Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, another Canadian show. I didn't recognize him at all. He sported a buzz cut, was clean shaven, and was a mysterious janitor who seemed to always know what was happening to the Science Club students.

    Then just last week I saw him in an episode of Naturally, Sadie. Once again, I almost didn't recognize him. He was quite talkative, a departure from the janitor character. He had facial hair again, like in Jett Jackson, but wasn't as scruffy.

    In all of these roles, he was believable. Some people who I have seen try different roles from show to show are able to pull one the characters off but for some reason aren't as believable as a different character, but Tony transitions from role to role very well.moreless