Tony Oller

Tony Oller


2/25/1991, Houston, Texas, USA

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Tony Oller


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Tony Oller is an American actor. He has been in numerous commercials. Tony is also a singer and dancer. His dance training includes hip-hop, and tap dancing with some ballet training in his early youth. Tony attends a public high school and maintains an A-B average. He takes…more


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  • Tony Oller is an amazing talent if you ask me. The Disney Channel is full of stars, some of which shine and some of which who don't. My main question for Disney is how can this kid not have his own show?!moreless

    Tony Oller can sing and act, both of which he does well. This is why I cannot fathom why he doesn't have his own show! Look at the Sprouse twins...they are no longer very cute, they can't act what so ever, and I don't think they can sing...yet these two are on their second show! It is crazy to me. I think Tony is a very attractive and talented boy, I am almost positive he could carry his own show (with the right writers that is). Usually Disney puts attractive kids on TV that can somewhat sing and act well. So why not put this kid on his own show seeing as how he does both very well. He deserves more than As the Bell Rings.moreless
  • A rising star!

    Tony Oller is known for his lead role in "As The Bell Rings" as Danny, but Tony has been acting long before then. He's also a talented singer, and I really hope he gets signed to a record label soon because he has an amazing voice. He is one of the cutest boys I've ever seen, but besides his good looks, Tony's amazing voice and acting skills will take him far. He's very believable on "As The Bell Rings" and really, he's just a normal kid. You tend not to see that innocence and the fact that he admits that he is just a regular kid really shows how down-to-earth he is. I predict he will be a big star and when he does get signed, and he will get signed on a record label, many will realize his true triple-threat talent. Great job Tony, and much love!