Tony Reali

Tony Reali


7/4/1978, Staten Island, New York

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Anthony Joseph Paul Reali



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Tony Reali is a television host on ESPN. After starting at ESPN as a researcher, he earned an on-air spot as the fact checker, nicknamed "Stat Boy", on Pardon the Interruption. That led to guest hosting Around the Horn, also on ESPN, and eventually was promoted to host of that show.more


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    • [On Pardon the Interruption]
      Tony Reali: PTI was a different show from the start. A different look, a different sound. It had bells, whistles, heads-on-sticks and a lot of junk on the screen. And I wasn't sure it was going to work. Who wants to listen to grown men argue like a married couple? Not me. I was wrong. If I wasn't working for the show right now, I'd be watching it everyday. It's terrific. Tony [Kornheiser] and Mike [Wilbon]. I love those guys.

    • [On if he imagined he would be hosting a national televised show]
      Tony Reali: Never in a million years. Nor would I have ever imagined the way that I got the job. I snuck in the fire escape when nobody was looking. Got a call at 11 o'clock on a Sunday night saying 'Wear a suit to work tomorrow. We need you to fill-in at Around the Horn'.

    • [On being on television]
      Tony Reali: It is the coolest thing. The fact that people come up to me and want to talk about sports, I mean, that's great, because that's what I want to be talking about.

    • Tony Reali: It's a little boy's dream to be an athlete, mine was to be a sports commentator. Maybe it's because I was small in stature, maybe it's because I wasn't particularly good at sports.

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  • Has his good traits, has his bad as host of Around The Hornon ESPN.

    Tony Reali is an average guy. I like him more often than I dislike him for something he does, and Around The Hornis my second-favorite show on ESPN after SportsNation. I don't like his scoring sometime on the show. He'll usually just raise or lower someone's points based on his own biased opinion, but that's the advantage of being the host, I suppose. The mutes tick me off, but in the end, Tony is an easy guy to get along with on the show, always good for a few good laughs everyday on his own, and overall, he's a pretty decent dude.moreless
  • Mr. Reali What a good demeanor this gentleman has,and He does controlls "Around the Horn" situations with such class among the sports journalists,even towards his peers and elders sports journalists. Much Peacemoreless

    Mr. Reali

    What a good demeanor this gentleman has,and He does controls "Around the Horn" situations with such class among the sports journalists,even towards his peers and elder's sports journalists.It's very hard a timesto deal with sports die hard journalists,because they are so opinionated and can bring heat with it, but Tony is smart enough to defuse that negative feedback and turn it into

    something positive.In this day and time, you see less of this. I say drive full force with it and whatever he's percieves to do with himself,if he least maintain that quality. He'll definitely excel. Much peace!moreless