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    • [On Pardon the Interruption]
      Tony Reali: PTI was a different show from the start. A different look, a different sound. It had bells, whistles, heads-on-sticks and a lot of junk on the screen. And I wasn't sure it was going to work. Who wants to listen to grown men argue like a married couple? Not me. I was wrong. If I wasn't working for the show right now, I'd be watching it everyday. It's terrific. Tony [Kornheiser] and Mike [Wilbon]. I love those guys.

    • [On if he imagined he would be hosting a national televised show]
      Tony Reali: Never in a million years. Nor would I have ever imagined the way that I got the job. I snuck in the fire escape when nobody was looking. Got a call at 11 o'clock on a Sunday night saying 'Wear a suit to work tomorrow. We need you to fill-in at Around the Horn'.

    • [On being on television]
      Tony Reali: It is the coolest thing. The fact that people come up to me and want to talk about sports, I mean, that's great, because that's what I want to be talking about.

    • Tony Reali: It's a little boy's dream to be an athlete, mine was to be a sports commentator. Maybe it's because I was small in stature, maybe it's because I wasn't particularly good at sports.