Tony Robinson





8/15/1946 , Leytonstone, London, England

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Tony Robinson was born in Leytonstone in London, UK on August 15, 1946.

He is probably best known for his role on the Blackadder series as Baldrick, and also for his work on Time Team.

He has a keen interest in history and archaeology -- he is president of the Young Archaeologists' Club -- and is particularly fascinated by ancient Greece and the biblical lands of the Middle East.

A staunch Labour supporter for many years, in 2000 Tony was elected to the party's National Executive Committee.

Tony lived with Mary Shepheard for 18 years before splitting up in 1990. She is the mother of his 2 children (Luke and Laura). Tony's current fiancée, Louise Hobbs, is 35 years younger than he is, and they have been together since 2005. He proposed to her on December 28th 2008, on a beach in Malaysia.