Tony Romo

Tony Romo


4/21/1980, San Diego, California

Birth Name

Antonio Ramiro Romo


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Tony Romo is the current starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He played his college football at Eastern Illinois.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Why hasn't he gotten the start earlier!

    I don't know why this guy hasn't gotten the start as early when he was drafted into the round in 2003 from a small college. Despite not liking the Cowboys at all, I think Romo is one heck of a QB as well as on his way to doing so much if he keeps it up like this. Sure he is no Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach. As he is trying to create his own identity. But still, you have to admire him for coming back after a humiliating fumble to the Seahawks back in January 2007. He has recovered so quickly that he didn't get beaten down over it. He was just rewarded with a $67M contract recently. Talk about overcoming adversity.moreless
  • Awesome QB for the Dallas Cowboys.

    I couldn't of been happier when Tony Romo came to the Dallas Cowboys and took over the quarterback position in 2006. That got rid of Drew Bledsoe, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who is now retired from the NFL. Tony Romo got to the Pro-Bowl in only eight games of his NFL career with the Cowboys. Sadly he lost the Pro-Bowl to the AFC, 31-28. He did give the NFC two "last few minutes" touchdowns. He has now entered his second season with the Cowboys, and now off to a 3-0 start with America's Team. Another thing that he is admired for is his ability to avoid what would be sacs. I've seen him dropping to the ground and when his knees are like two inches away from the ground, he lets the ball go and the Cowboy catches it for a touchdown. Weird, but cool, and great for his statistics.moreless